Free Character as competition prize

I haven’t played Eve forever, so literally no idea what use the character is, any hints what to train up to transfer welcome

82M SP
Positive Wallet

I’ll transfer it, including transfer costs for the best diagram drawn using I’ll pick the best one and transfer on January 2nd 2018 (close of submissions 1st January 2018 21:00 Western Europe Time).

What counts as best, I’ll work that out. But let’s have some rules:

  1. The diagram must be your original work
  2. Your submission can be made a) on twitter @drawio, b) email to, c) on this thread, linking to the diagram (until a GM gets upset). If you make it elsewhere, make sure we acknowledge it before assuming it’s accepted.
  3. You must submit an image of the diagram and the diagram data itself (hint, you can export PNG with embedded XML)
  4. You permit us to use the diagrams submitted for marketing.

I’m sure someone will do an eve map, for bonus points write a plugin that does shortest path navigation and such ;). If I don’t like any, I’ll award to the one I dislike the least (i.e. someone will win).

Before anyone asks I did check if this is allowed, Senior GM Bjorn says it’s OK as long as no real money involved and the transfer takes place.


Since you were wondering about “what could it train to make it more valuable” it’s a bit of a mixed character. You can either polish off Revelation a bit in the time left or else start down the Rorqual road.

It looks like you are currently doing the Revelation. Don’t forget the pulse weapon spec and keep on with the armor comps.

If you want to start the Rorqual train then the most re-usable part is working on the shield skills (primarily Tactical Shield Manipulation) and drone rigging. The Rorqual is probably the more universally popular and you’ve already covered off some of the long, likely off-stat mapping, training on there.

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So far 2 entries and a clear winner between the two. Thanks, Basil, for the tips, going to work on the armour comps.

As for the emails/comms about this being a scam, I’m not really sure what I’d be scamming you out of, a diagram?

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Just over 2 hours left, not a huge number of submissions yet. Some complaints about the name, but really, if you don’t like the name, you could easily just sell it straight away for 25B.

You want my homework assignment?

I’m not sure how to share diagrams made with your site, but that’s what the “Publish” option spat out. EDIT: Yeah, the “open in new window” button actually lets you edit it too.

Honestly though, it’s a good site. I really appreciate it. It saves a lot of time/effort on making block charts.

You know what, on second thought I kind of want to win, but not badly enough to make something original in an hour. Here’s a dump of diagrams

Slightly edited HW

Unedited HW

Game board

Ugly circuit diagram

Metal Detector block diagram

Home Assistant block diagram

You should give me the win for that first one, since I don’t think my professor gave me full credit years ago when I submitted it.

Firstly, thanks everyone for the submissions. There weren’t that many, so I’ll show what we have for transparency.

The submissions by Bear, yeah pretty, but I just feel like something Eve specific is in order.

Submission 2

Bit too brief

Submission 3

Bit crazy layout, but Eve related and even some colour (and shape use variation)

Submission 4

Not Eve related, made me feel old but not having heard of many of these (but informative).

Submission 5

Interesting, a mind map (ish). And Eve related.

Submission 6

Different and topical. Eve related, though I’ve no idea what it means…

Lastly, submission 7

Yeah, very technical and Eve related…

I’m going to go with 3. so congrats to @Brock_Khans

I do have a couple more chars over 100M SP, I’ll have to see when I can muster the effort to run this again.

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Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! thanks! I see the transfer inbound


Can’t believe I missed this! I could’ve done the map of eve diagram…

Congrats Brock!

Never fear, next char has 125M SP :sunglasses: Free Character Competition V2

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