Free Character Competition V2

Back by unpopular demand, my second char is up for grabs. (It’s named after the base JS library used in, cool huh?)

Similar idea for first competition, I’ll transfer it, including transfer costs for the best diagram drawn using I’ll pick the best one and transfer on February 1st 2018 (close of submissions 31st January 2018 21:00 Western Europe Time).


  • The diagram must be your original work
  • Your submission can be made by email to
  • You must submit an image of the diagram and the diagram data itself (hint, you can export PNG with embedded XML)
  • You permit us to use the diagrams submitted for marketing.

From the first comp I kinda liked something Eve related, something with colours and something that uses more than a rectangle. A full Eve map with live links would probably win (and really that should be community owned so folks can make custom edits, anyway…)

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You ARE missing some information here though. Killrights etc. Also thread should really be opened by the character being sold (or given away after the proper go-ahead from ccp).

It should be enough for me to confirm I’m being given away.

  • Wallet positive
  • Character sheet says no kill rights, I don’t know if that means both ways, but I haven’t shot anything for 7+ years, I don’t think anyone would have any on me.
  • 2 jump clones are in high sec, 1 low sec, Atlulle.
  • He will be docked in high sec, probably dodixie or jita.

A GM said it was fine to give away in this way.

Submissions (full evemap, other stuff) being made via email.

Why would I make an evemap when there are plenty of really good maps already online and “community owned”?(dotlan,, ingame map …)

At some point you may lose your cookie to login as the character that you transferred to me, just an FYI

I didn’t see the source code to any of the existing maps. How can you edit the data and publish a custom version?

Can we send a Work-In-Progress for feedback without it counting as an entry? My idea is going to take 50+ hours or something stupid so I’d like to confirm if it’s worth the effort or completely off-track.

Sure, email it over.

Submissions dried up pretty fast, I think there were 3, so I picked one and transferred. I’m guessing @Zoltan_Lazar you’re a char of the winner?

Oh bummer Thought I had until February. Still too late to put one in tonight ?

Any more? I missed the first two :slight_smile:

Can we see the winner’s diagram

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