Hi-focused miner with most needed refine skills 5, drones 5
2 injectors to Nyx

20b start
27b b/o

Auction will ends 14.12.2018 or b/o.

P.S. at the start of this topic pilot still not in NPC corp, but it will be fixed today, and before accepting bid char will be at hi-sec and NPC corp, according rules.

20b. Them shield skills are a little low lol

Please don’t toss around the phrase ‘perfect rorqual pilot’ with these subpar characters. This rorq cannot fit a tank, and also cannot use the panic module. Beyond that it doesn’t even have perfect mining yield…

baby, if you are hotdropped, no tank will save you except friendly counterdrop.

Gankers are not theoretics, they are practics and in their practice is mobile cynojammer and hi dps, twice more than super-puper rorq can have.

dont mine at holidays evening in a tube))

anyway 5d to shield tank left, you will buy and deliver fit and drones more time.

21B isk ready

21.5b isk ready

22B isk

23b isk

23.5 b

24 b ready

thank you for bidding
tomorrow highest bid wins.
somewhere near downtime.

bid accepted.

Zeta1 noted, i keep you in mind, if some happens.

Because no bidders appear today, auction continues

24.5 enought for a rush? :slight_smile:

may be… the little trouble is that omega time last 1 hour earlier… and now i not hurry.

what do you know about 1000plex sell tax procedure by a ticket? is it works now?

no soz

what about 25b and we stop this epic march with you

no, soz, i ll no pay 25b :slight_smile:

okay bid accepted.
possible it will take near an additional half-hour to make plex request during transfer procedure.
I will need your account login (only login, not pass :rofl:) where transfer to. By evemail. and isks.

mfg, this one dissappeared too!
Auction continues.
Happy bidding,