Free-Form Indy Corp Looking for new pilots of all types

Hey there Ladies and Gents,

R2-YDA Astromech Technologies is a Free-Form Indy corporation looking for new pilots of all types to help build a thriving and active community. We have a stable, dedicated core of players who have mostly been flying together for 2+ years and most of us have families and other adult responsibilities that come before all things Eve.

As individuals, we each have our own agendas and desires that we wish to accomplish. Our pilots engage in such activities as Missions, Site Running, Mining, Industrial activities, Exploration, and even some small-scale PvP.

As a corporation, we have a specific set of goals that we all work together to accomplish. We own Refineries and Engineering complexes in our HiSec home system and have even begun to manage our own Market Hub. We have recently begun expanding our operations into wormhole space as that fills an area of interest for our pilots.

We offer 0% corp tax on refining, manufacturing, research, invention, and our market hub… that will also soon include reactions.

Use of Discord for voice comms is highly recommended but is only required for advancement and not membership.

Hit me up on here or in game and we can talk and see where it goes from there.

Have a great day and fly safe


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