R2-YDA Astromech Technologies is recruiting pilots of all types

R2-YDA is currently making a strong return to our roots as a Manufacturing Indy Corp. And therefore we are looking for active pilots to fill many roles as we grow and move forward.

What we are looking for:

  1. Miners of any skill level for mining ice, moon, and belt ores in both hi-sec or low-sec space.
  2. Indy minded pilots of any skill level to help in corporate productions.
  3. Mission Runners and Site Ratters to gather rare components and valuable salvage.
  4. Pilots unafraid to undock and protect assets and corp-mates.
  5. Active players

What we can offer:

  1. Access to moon ores in Hi-sec, low-sec, and J-space.
  2. easy access for Reprocessing, Production, Research, Invention, and Reactions.
  3. A well-established Ore-Purchase program soon extending to cover salvage as well.
  4. An active, dedicated core of established players to learn from
  5. A true RL first community - this is a game and life is life
  6. New player and Veteran friendly
  7. The opportunity to grow into leadership roles as we build and move forward.
  8. EU and US timezone activity

Hit me up in game and we can talk to see if you like the fit with us.
For recruitment in Spanish, contact Zarjo Dallocort
For recruitment in Serbian and Russian, contact Rasayana Xin

Thanks for looking and Have a great day!
Fly Safe


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