HS/LS Indy & PvP Corp is Recruiting

Synthetic Authroity Inc is looking for like-mined pilots to start something from nothing. Started by a bloke who’s looking to make a home for pilots young and old.

Currently based in the Domain region, we’re part of an alliance that’s dominated by AUTZ pilots but accepting pilot of all TZs.

What we offer:

-> Moon mining via corp and alliance assets
-> L4 mission fleets run weekly
-> Access to 2 alliance market hubs
-> Access to alliance manufacturing facilities
-> Access to lowsec systems for PI, PvE & PvP
-> Small gang roams into lowsec and nullsec


-> Discord
-> Willingness to participate in PvP activites

If you’re looking for a place to just chill and hangout, we’re for you. But if you’re looking for a place to bear and not participate in corp & alliance activites, then look somewhere else.

Join our public channel “SYNAI” for more information.

Still recruiting! :slight_smile:

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