Free rattlesnake Skin for Omega not showing in NES store for Omega

Free rattlesnake Skin for Omega not showing in NES store for Omega

I clicked the Omega in the NES store but it says nothing about the free SKIN

“Amazing” now means “dull and/or broken”, didnt you know?

Just like “Awesome Event” means “Predetermined outcome with item promotion to get you hooked”

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buy now

Anyone that BUYS this FREE skin really needs to take a step back and look around.

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One of EVE Online’s best offers just got even more appealing. From 27 to 31 May 2021, Capsuleers will now receive the beautiful Rattlesnake King’s Ransom Luecin SKIN with a purchase of one month of Omega, for no extra charge.

We can also “purchase” Omega via the NES store with PLEX.

It’s about getting the ISK value whilst paying for Omega for a month.

The offer is for buying a subscription, not for redeeming PLEX for gametime. These are different sales methods and do not have to (and basically never have) offer the same promotions. I mean, you might as well complain about not being able to do the 50% off 90 days Omega + MCT that is a subscription offer and not matched by the NES for PLEX exchanges.

If you buy it from the EVE store, you get the skin…

basically yea, the skin is free…

after buying the one month omega, it will show up in your redeem Queue

You don’t get it from the NES store.

You buy it… Where does it ever say “get it from the NES store”.

Stop acting like moron with your constant single line threads



That’s unfair, dude is right. It should be precisely explained in the news that this is only when you use $ not isk. I was suprised it is not in NES like he was.

quit being obtuse… it says to BUY FOR $14.95…

no where did it say it would be in the NES store, its in the EVE Store, two different functioning platforms.

The BUY NOW function should have indicated that this is not in the NES store, and must be paid for with $$$ like anything else in the EVE Online Store.

skin has an est worth of 480m btw.

They cannot read or comprehend words… and then you go and use a word like obtuse… They don’t know what that means without searching google.


I liked you better back in the days when you weren’t a forum rage queen and would just war-dec people you were upset with.

As well. Calling someone a moron when using such bad grammar is… er …moronic.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

I will stop calling your alt a moron then.


I don’t know what Google means, please explain

Google means “you are an idiot, stop being one by using the internet to learn about things”.

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