Exclusive Vindicator SKIN

Why is there no option to buy the upgrade on the page that is offering the deal?
All I can do is just buy a month and hope that a skin will magically appear on my account?
Where is the option to buy a month with the skin?

I keep clicking on the picture like it’s going to take me somewhere where I can purchase what is being offered.
I can sell this skin on the market if I don’t want to apply it to my account…correct?

I believe you need to buy this through the NES in-game.

Ok, I get it…
I need to log into the game and use the store…that takes me out of the game, to make the purchase.
That makes sense…

Yeah, it’s not the most logical process, but that’s how they did this one.

No, you can purchase it directly in the NES. It will give you a skin and the 30 days instead of just the 30 days for 500 PLEX.

The only reason they would redirect you to the site is if you had not 500 PLEX and need to purchase them first from CCP

It’s not easy… being green.

So since I pay for my omega every month, I get screwed unless I buy another 30 days in the bundle to get the skin??

Damn that’s greedy ■■■■. Screw the guy paying every month unless he pre buys the next month, lol :clap:

well if you are omega and have (lets say) 5 months of omega left you can buy this pack with plex in the NES and then you have a skin AND 6 months omega (5 months + 1 month)

everything ok


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I am surprised how detailed they made this SKIN. Some brilliant pixel magic. Looks somewhat like scales and coils of serpents. Serpentic motives.

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