Why is the Jackdaw skin given for 30 days and not more?

My account was automatically upgraded to Omega a day after the announcement, and noticed that I didn’t receive the skin, then I saw that it was only for 30 days of Omega.
But why is it limited to 30 days ?

If you didn’t go from Alpha to Omega, but automatically had a payment taken out, you will not receive the skin, you actually have to go in, and choose 30 days of Omega to get the jackdaw skin.

Basically its a gift to try to get people to sub for at least 30 days, especially alphas.

I understood that, why I’m asking is why choosing to give a skin only to people buying 1 month

because its an encouragement for people to switch from alpha to omega, or to extend their existing.

another way you could get it would be to use 500 plex for an extra month of omega time, if you are using a subscription it will just push the renewal date on the sub back by 1 month and you get the skin. or just buy one off the market.

It is because CCP makes the most money with the 1 month subscriptions/PLEX packages. All other subscription/PLEX packages have a discount price compared to the 1 month pack.

A promotion so they can get that sub money in August so the month looks good on the books. I think most of my accts are good till October, but I said why not and plexed them all for the skin.

they do these pretty often, usually the skin is pretty cheap in jita.

Because it is a “Cash Shop” ie: NES item thing and not your auto-resub, you need to spend plex to get the item and the 30 day sub, not RL cash.(not directly anyway)

The Rakim Warlord skin for the Ragnarok was for 6month sub, so your argument is kinda invalid

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