Why doesn't CCP reward LOYALTY?

I just noticed that CCP is offering exclusive Epithal skins with a 1 month subscription. Technically, my main character has had a 13 YEAR subscription. Why don’t I get an exclusive skin.

It seems CCP is so interested in rewarding new players but rarely rewards their most loyal players. I think it’s a shame that you don’t show your appreciation for loyalty. Or perhaps you don’t realize its true value.

Look at it from this perspective. CCP is giving a few hundred million ISK (at least) to all people who convert Alpha to Omega. A special edition skin could be worth a LOT of money and I don’t think it’s fair that as a loyal player I NEVER get anything like that.


It’s to encourage Alpha Players to go Omega and get something extra in the “goodie bag”

Over the many years you’ve been playing there have been countless gifts of Ships, Apparels, Items and more…


I realize that.

But what has CCP done to thank the loyal players? That’s my question. I see new player gifts but rarely (or never) see “thank you” ones.

For example, recently everyone was given 250k SP INCLUDING alphas. And annual gifts during Christmas and Eve’s Anniversary are given to alpha and omega accounts.

Loyal players get what they pry from other capsuleers cold hands and wrecks.


But you can, though. Just scam or kill a new player transporting this skin, and voila, its yours.

If you want it go and buy the month. It should stack on your normal sub just fine. They’ve done this style of promotion a half dozen times at least.

It’s a pretty simple promotion to boost revenue for the month.

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Just buy the skin for the 2 mil it will be worth lol

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they have continued to provide the service for 13 years. that is your reward. and if you pay in 1 year subs, then you get that service for less than those who pay 30 days at a time, and substantially less than those who plex.

you have been paying for access to the game, they have provided access to the game. transaction done. they don’t owe you a single thing more than that, and yet, over the years they have given out multiple omega exclusive ships, items, accelerators, gifts that you have received on top of the regular services you pay for.

many of the subscription offers are available to players who have existing subs. the one from last week for example was available to anyone who added an extra month. this one in particular is designed to encourage alpha players to go omega either for the first time or as a re-sub.

if you really want the skin that bad then buy it off the market.


CCP doesn’t reward loyalty, because loyalty is for suckers.

13 years of EVE and you haven’t learn this yet? Did the game teach you nothing?


Lifetime insurance for my nyx I think I payed enough $$$ until now

CCP rewards loyalty by not wiping your character after any length of time of inactivity.


I bought the 3 month sub. No skin for me? QQ

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Don’t worry OP. If you’ve been playing for 13 years, you have access to the Veterans Station.


phone carriers will always have special offers for new customers.

crack dealers will always give the first one away for free.

It’s business.

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I got a few too by buying 30 days subs. So can you. Bye!

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“we never get any goodies”
“you did”
“I know, but we never get any goodies”



yea I think that’s a little weird but seems they’ve done it that way a bunch of times now.

also a lot of the offers you can pay with plex in game and get the skin, this one seems like it’s only pay $15 in account management.

No skin for you. The deal is for 30 day subs only. A 3 month sub has a discount compared to 30 days though.

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CCP does reward loyalty. Haven’t you seen all the LP stores spread around New Eden? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just buy the skin for next to nothing in a week after they’ve flooded the market. If you’ve actually been here thirteen years then you’d know this and wouldn’t have bothered starting a thread about it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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