Why doesn't CCP reward LOYALTY?

But you people, don’t you get it, he is a loyal customer and CCP owes him the SKIN for free, right here, right “naow”! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


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It is right around the corner. They just really want get this right when implementing it. Right? Right?


$2340 is what you have paid over 13 years @ $15 bucks a month (round off), obviously you have stayed long before skins were even a thing, I’d say that you found it good enough to stay that long, I’d say CCP has been giving you something all along.
Few million in this game is nothing, those skins are only worth what others are willing to part with, most prices are artificially inflated by sneeky sheikh’s anyway.

Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get anything either when I started playing back in May other than a scorching case of “WTH did I just get myself into here?!?!”


CCP has rewarded loyalty via the Mystery Code.


Is there really a Veterans Station? What can veterans do there? Besides complaining about Eve, I mean.

It was officially announced back in 2014, then never worked on.

Became a semi-regular topic for a short while and then CCP Falcon reported that the idea was dropped.

Was originally going to be only available for characters with a minimum of 10 years in the game.

Rumour was it was going to have a full implementation of WiS (I might have just added that bit myself).

So no, there isnt actually one.

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It was also part of their campaign to implement a loyalty reward program which they talked about at a fanfest and even gifted some graphic cards to some people who where subscribed for 10 years and attended fanfest. None of that ever materialized without CCP ever doping any line about why and what except for the “well the station will not happen because we now think it’s a stupid idea”.

This station is basically now a symbol for their lack of loyalty reward program now.




Seems like they could at least give us old guys a loyalty Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoating. They seem to be able to crank those things out without much effort. Kind of like printing money.

(By the way, what happened to the skin Min militia was promised last summer when they took every system in the warzone? Lot of new skins have come out since then. I guess they forgot, or just haven’t had a chance to get around to it yet…)

There have, however as pointed out much also goes to free accounts.

It is somewhat self defeating to limit these to only new subscriptions, it’s pixels why piss off even one paying customer?

A lot of companies use “be a subscriber as of xx/xx/xx”.

If you do that every 30-45 days… :skull_and_crossbones: :rofl: :moneybag:

They could always give either a token good for up to a cruiser skin so basically that token will be traded or used, the value of the token would be determined by players, the “new aurum token”.

And you benefited from the value the game as provided you for those 13 years…which is not insubstantial. Clearly you value the game more than the cost of a subscription. The lowest value of a subscription is something like $100/year. So clearly you have gotten more than $1,300 in value form the game. If you have alt accounts it is even more.

Take your consumer surplus and stop whining.

Edit: Oh and checking the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI inflation calculator, adjusting for inflation a $15 sub should cost $20.58, essentially you are getting getting a 27% discount. You really do sound like a whiny punk.

they already do , but have to have joined 10 to 15 years ago, enjoy one of the worst game I’ve ever wasted my life on

They use the phone company / ISP model. You’re already a subscriber, so you can be used and abused as they see fit. Only if you leave do you suddenly become valuable again.

Ultima Online would regularly reward consistent subbing.

Ofc vets liked it, but it just led to further inequality between vets and new players, and some of the rewards gave quite substantial unfair advantages, year after year.

Quite many vets subbed for years at a time, just to get more rewards, whilst playing very little, if at all.


But if they barely play if ever then why does the inequality matters? It should have minimal impact at most on new players but probably none at all.

Some didnt play much. Others did.

You took it to an extreme I never stated.

Now you say “some” but first you said “quite many”, which sounds like the majority. Perhaps communicate more clearly and try not to revise history when asked about it. Just a tip.

But anyway this is off and just wanted to ask for clarification as the scenario didn’t really make sense so as you answered that the subject is over for me so bai. :slight_smile:

I didnt mean to indicate a majority.
Id estimate 10%. I called it “quite many” considering that it was players subbing purely for the purpose of getting vet rewards, which is unusual as usually people sub to play.

You didnt generate SP automatically in UO like in EVE.