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“Insert Alliance Logo here” Alliance Logo Creation is pending

Have this instead for the time being \o/

The Jura Tempest Federation

About Us:

  • We’re a brand new Alliance, based in Black Rise region

  • Our milkshakes do in fact bring the boys to our yard

  • We found who let the dogs out, it was Borath Helenite

  • Never forgive that Stingray, you all know the one

  • Profoundly making fittings for various things that nobody asked for and sharing our masterpieces

  • We are all in fact, Barbie Girls, in a Barbie World

  • We’re currently war ineligible - because someone needs to go teach people a lesson without structure bull-shite

What we offer:

  • Free ships for PvP, and Industry based things

  • A fleet based atmosphere, where we can teach people who’re looking to learn

  • Experienced atmosphere for all skill-levels to learn from

  • Industrial structures for maximum repro | copying | invention | reaction etc

  • German dudes | Indian dudes | American dudes (we have a lot of dudes)

  • People who explode for no reason

  • Random meme’s at 3am because we were laughing at them by ourself

  • Thick Australian accents (looking for Thick Scottish accents)

  • All spy positions have been filled by all 2 of our spies, all future spai positions must past an information collecting test

  • Keep your nudes in the NSFW channel seriously, keep it in NSFW

  • A chance to join our killboard along with everyone else who is screaming

What we’re looking for:

  • Corporations that have an active member base in any of the above categories, PvP, Industry, PvE etc

  • F.C.'s and experienced people

  • Content creators | People who work from home | Artists and Media Fanatics | Social players

  • Meme enthusiasts and anime lovers | Generally fun and passionate people

  • Self starters for different operations

  • Must begin the interview with a solid meme

  • No minors, because I’m not paying child support, and the judge can’t make me if I’m in Cuba

  • Salty veterans, because shaking you over my chips makes them taste better

  • Food pictures, because salivating is half-way playing EVE

Contact Us | Links:

Discord: The Jura Tempest Federation
Zkill: The Jura Tempest Federation | Alliance | zKillboard

Don’t tell Shion I’m playing games, she’ll throw another tantrum, or worse, try to make me eat her food

When you make WeR4 surrender after constantly pinging their structure and reinforcing it, then spanking them with fleet fights after they kill your industrialists.

Btw come join TJTF where we have fun and enjoy the game for what it is, a game.

Aussie and US bro’s wanted

Espana and generally all other language translators wanted

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WeR-Gone :’(

Special thanks to EVE Uni bro’s


Very dignified.

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Looking for Spanish Armada level translators, must be able to fight Jack Sparrow, take out the Black Pearl and of course lead the Spanish Inquisition in to battle.

Applications: Open

Definitely NOT recruiting US and AU Corps, meme’s must be sent to ensure a proper response

Looking for people who work from home, so we can hold you hostage closely and ensure you’re safe, whilst you fleet with us.

FC we whacked a thing what do?

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How EVE truly is

Beep Boop, looking for recruits

Here’s a gif a friend made when we popped the funny structure and got some loot

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