Freighter /blockade etc

Private Sell Talon Blood Finder
Positive wallet no kill rights
Located jita 4-4

16 billion buy out.

16 Bil who to send ?

Talon Blood finder same as who posted.

I send ISK and mail my account name ?

Isk and mail sent
Can u wait like 10hrs so my account gets space

I have been paid 16 billion starting transfer to your account

Your account needs room to complete the transfer or a new fresh omega account

Sorry just read your wait 10 hrs post np will try again tonight after 10 hours has passed

Ya thnks

I will Ping here when i delete the character manually after 10 hrs.
(i have omega on this account that why i dont wanna create a new one)

17b for it if its still available.

Its Private sell !!

then put private sale

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he didn’t post it, I did so here you go " sorry this was private sell "

I am still waiting for you

Sec I will open now

Done I have deleted a character and u can initiate the Transfer

Transfer started 9-10 hours for them to complete , thanks

Character Received. Thank You

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