Freighter Bumping

Hi, I recently returned after a break and I see that freighters have been redone and now have some slots.

I was wondering if that creates any kind of counter, or if there is a counter, to ship bumping.

The slots didn’t create a counter. If anything, they made it easier depending on what is fitted. While Istabs reduce the align time on the gate and potentially make it easier to warp to something while bumped, Bulkheads and cargo expanders made it easier to bump a freighter as they extend the time it takes to align.

There are some counters to bumping, namely webbing and ganking the bumper. In contrast to bumping, however, webbing is very easily countered by a suicide tackle worth less than a single web on the webber ship. Ganking the bumper is very costly and requires at least 3-4 characters in Taloses. It is also very situational because bumping can occur anywhere and your 4 alts with the taloses might not be in the area where you are getting bumped.

Ship bumping is the counter to unescorted Freighters in Hifhsec. If you want to haul your stuff solo, don’t use a capital, there are other options for that.

ImaWreckYou: Thank you for your philosophical position on the topic of bumping.

Did you have any thought about the new 2 me slots or are they basically useless in the context of evading a bump?

They have three low slots and you can now decide if you want more tank, cargo hold, or better align time. A Freighter is vulnerable to bumping because it is a capital ship. There is no module to change that, since it is a natural trade-off of large ships.

There are smaller ships which do not suffer from this problem but have other trade-offs like smaller cargo holds. You just have to use the right ship for the right job.

The only reasonable counter to highsec bumping is webbing as quickly as you can upon start warp

Using inertial items I was able to reduce my align time from 39 to 20. I also tried the plating it gave a speed increase to 130 but only reduced the align time to 23. I think it will be much harder to prevent a ship with a 20 align from warping to “something” than it was with the 39 align.

Anyway I have only been bumped once in the 9 years I have been flying freighters, so who knows when this will be tested. In any case the 3 slots are nice to have.

Not really

This post contributes to the conversation by explaining why. Thank you.

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I have lost 2 charons on a week , using internal stabilizers warping below 30 secs, but whit simple bs or tec3 ship is enough for getting you unalineg for the alpha scuad and kill you freighter. If you try do whit normal industrial are you killed same way. Hauler on highec have a problem and this come we gona huge problem.

Excuse Mine little english.

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