Fresh wh corp recruiting members

NEF is recruiting!

►discord server is available
► C2 WH Corp with HS/C1 Static
► Exploration, WH Ratting, PVP Engagement
►a wide range of players from (1m sp to 60m sp)
► NEF will help you get started and assist you in honing your skills
►Good mining sites which is safe most of the time but always pay attantion as you can get 60m+ isk with a good set up. you can also lose your setup if you didnt pay attention
► If the prospect of exploring wormhole systems, engaging in thrilling combat, and reaping the rewards of wormhole resources excites you, then NEF might be the perfect corporation for you

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Enigma Expanse (EE6) is recruiting. Fresh unconventional wh corp. wide arrangement of time zones and activities. Training opportunities and small gang pvp. WH ratting fleets and home defense. Need pilots of all walks of life. Join the expanse. Contact WahScorpio109 on discord or Scorpiox Sparrock in game .

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