Frig Holes Have to go

No, not. Because you still haven’t explained this:

How does eliminating frigholes also eliminate the mechanic you don’t know the name of so you can rat in absolute peace?

I still want to know how to rat in absolute peace, you’ve claimed eliminating frigholes will do that, I want to know how.

It doesn’t? Are they related?

Just because you can still die from X does not mean we have to remove Y from the game ‘as it causes death too!’. Why not have both mechanics to allow players to get surprised and killed?

In null sec you can be surprised by roaming covops cyno hunters (no way to close gates here…) but that does not mean we should not also be able to get surprised by a filament gang that can spawn in your system next to your sieged dread.

So what does it matter that your dreads in wormholes can already be killed by another mechanic, for the discussion about the risk of frigate holes?

Or are you taking my ‘no space should ve without risk’ too literal and are you pointing out that you already have risk and therefore do not need the additional risk of frigate holes?

Because to that I say:

Why not both?

  • You don’t know the basics of Jspace
  • This was evident in the fact that you don’t even know the most common Jspace ganking mechanic used
  • You actually thought eliminating frigholes would make it perfectly safe because you had NO IDEA other mechanics existed in the game that posed a threat.

If you don’t even know the basic ways people get ganked in wormholes, imagine all the other stuff you don’t know about wormholes; especially when it comes to ratting and risk v. reward of jspace sites.

I could probably write a 20 page paper on all the stuff you don’t know about jspace, yet you make stupid claims like ‘no frig hole = absolute safety’ despite having a well of zero knowledge to draw upon.

Now you’ve made it to ‘well, just a bit safer’ because a wormholer explained to you a basic function, with even more knowledge you’d start to understand why people don’t like frigholes, right now you operate entirely on false assumptions.

You wouldn’t send a preppy suburban kid to the ghetto and have to him say “I know how things work around here, I’m going to comment on how things should be done”.

Don’t comment on stuff you know nothing about dude. You don’t even know all the stuff you don’t know about jspace. Stick to what you know.


I thought I was pretty clear with my earlier explanation that I knew new wormholes can spawn while your dread is sieged. In fact, I quoted it multiple times?

What does a dread have to do with frig holes or new holes spawning? Are they the only ones at risk?

A new hole spawn, either wandered or k162’d, poses a threat to everyone in the hole. I can link fleet loss KMs just like I linked Dread KMs. The points on PvE sites can last for up to 15 minutes, with the trigger often being the point — so to eliminate points you usually have to work entirely through the site. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dread or a fleet, you are staying there til you kill the points or abandon the ships pointed.

Your focus on siege timers just further tells me you don’t know this and you think the primary reason people are getting caught out is because of the siege timer (and assuming other ships get away just fine).

Again, your assumptions are massive – but necessary – since they are filling in gaps of missing knowledge.

Partially that is because of the data you present me, because as you said correctly: my wormhole experience isn’t big.

However, I don’t see how my wormhole experience is relevant to this thread. We should focus less on the person and more on the topic. And in this case I’d like to know about the topic from you:

  1. Why do frigate holes pose a threat
  2. Why is it bad for the game if such a threat exists

Please, to a player inexperienced with wormholes such as I, explain why frigate holes are a threat and why there should be no such threat in wormhole life.

You shouldn’t be in this thread to begin with, is my point, which you seem to be failing to understand.

Leave the wormholing to wormholers.

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‘We wormholers want to rat in safety and people outside wormholes should not be allowed to comment on it!’

Got it.

Who do you think killed all those dreads in the KMs I sent you?

Other wormholers.

You think those other wormholers are going to allow all content to be stripped from them and everyone is just going to rat and sing kumbaya? And you don’t think the farmers also gank others themselves? All wormholers both farm and PvP – its inherent to wormholes. Unlike nullsecc’rs, we can’t put an alt in each system 3 gates out and watch local.

Get real.

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Imagine having such a lavish lifestyle that you needed to rat in J-space just to maintain it. Now imagine being this scared of a bunch of frigates.

Right right, its not like frigates can come into holes with probe launchers and scan down the static to bring in others.

Infact, a cheetah has never orbited a dread at 10km for an hour while an astero scanned down the chain and found a HS for bombers bar to come in.

Oh wait, that did happen.

You definitely have a lot to be fearful of. So scary.

mimimi… mimi…mimimimimimi stop crying and just leave us

He doesn’t have to leave, he just needs to pick an activity that is ACTUALLY viable, rather than something that clearly shouldn’t be part of the game - like solo dread ratting in J space.

We need more frig holes.

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No its because all the other posters here know your sophistry when they see it :smiley:

Frig holes make you dock up because you don’t even want to risk it. Thats on you.

You already admitted to playing solo. Thems the brakes kid.

All you really need is one scout on the WH if people are active. One dude scouts, the others farm and if hole pulses, send out word, everyone reship and hunt down the intruder.

It really isn’t that hard. Now you’re gonna say oh I’m solo I can’t do that. Well, thats the risk you take my friend. Just join a clade and move to pochpoch.


This. It seems like some people can’t fathom that solo players shouldn’t be able to outplay gangs/groups every time, lol

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Yep. I mean unless I know they are nub sauce, I am not gonna fight a gang when I’m solo. Odds are simply too great. I mean if its 3 vs 1 and 2 of those 3 are rocking neuts well, you dead.

There are some situations where 1vMultiple is perfectly fine and viable, and I quite enjoy them when the gang size is reasonable. Have had a few great fights in Ravens VS multiple random FW lowsec ships.

I’ve also seen some people fight small to midsized subcap fleets in HAW dreads, and personally aspire to do that sort of pvp sometime too, but idk if that sort of situation happens anymore or how I’d get intel on such fleets going about lol.

That said, a pve dread is absolutely not going to handle a not-shitty WH hunting gang, and for the most part if one shows up you should write it off as a loss as soon as they show up

The problem is its a 9bil / $110 loss, not a battleship.