Frig Holes Have to go

Yes it is the frigates that pose the greatest threat not the fact that they can find a pathway to Bring battleships in.

You are really really really intelligent the eve Community is blessed to have you

You are like a crazy person playing in traffic on the freeway. If you get hit, you blame the cars.


why are you bringing RL money cost into your “problem” you have no invested time in stuff that doesn’t belong to you to begin with…

Probably cause he rages in his hole and buys PLEX to replace his ships cause he can’t figure out how the ISK printer in the hole works.

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Then don’t use a 9b ship for krabbing, simple. Either accept the risks or don’t, nobody’s forcing you to krab highclass sites

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What I see a trend of, is people commenting on another persons gameplay with no idea what they do.

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Who? Op clearly lives in a wh, and I have spent the vast majority of my time in eve doing the same.

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Found his alt ROFL.

Do you enjoy solo hole control too?

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you are the commenter.

I would like to say something.

and what is that?

Probably that you’re full of it I’d say.

frig holes are needed because we have frigates!

That doesn’t make any sense. For one they aren’t even limited to frigates.

I’ve noticed this forum seems to be entirely, or almost entirely, made up of people who comment on things they know nothing about. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

I assume it is because of eve’s in-depth nature, but its astounding the balls they have. I would never pretend to know about things I have no idea about, yet they spew their nonsense with such confidence; the echo chamber must be huge.

Huh. Its almost like EVE is almost two decades old and a wealth of knowledge is on something called the Interwebs, which Al Gore invented don’t yennoe, and if they just google stuff, they learn some stuff.

Oh and living risk free in an ISK printer wasn’t good for the game, considering WHs are supposed to be dangerous and now they are slightly more so.

Its almost like you could find others and group up…

If you want to see more examples of this, you should check out something called “The Internet”

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My dude, if you create a new forum thread demanding nerfs every time you get ganked, pretty soon people will be targeting you for the salt.

I would - genuinely - recommend taking a moment or two to think before posting your next soon-to-be-locked thread, for your own sake if nothing else.

In the meantime, WTB seed in J100415.

This isn’t his thread. And for the right price you can get that seed. DM me.

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