Frig Holes Have to go


Do you want more SAFETY?

This SAFETY thing become like a plague across threads…


I don’t think the situations are analogous. AFK cloaky camping was an issue because it was a player impacting other players while not actively playing the game. You couldn’t tell if someone was there or not, and there was no way to catch him or stop him if he wasn’t.

Frig holes are a game mechanic, not a player activity. Just because one exists doesn’t mean that there is anyone on the other side actively hunting. Given the probabilities, there usually isn’t. And just because you can’t roll the hole doesn’t mean you can’t do other things to it to slow down an attacker.

Also, it took like ten years of a drumbeat if complaining to get CCP to address it. At this rate, you have 9 more years of complaining to do.

EDIT: I didn’t see Gerard’s comment until I posted, lol.

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If frig holes are going to remain in the game, there has to be some counter-play to them or their lifespan needs to be shorter.

what you mean like a Smartbomb Battleship, or Cloaked T3C’s

only reason players are pissed about Frigate Holes is they can’t bring in Battleships and Capitals, and the defence has all those.

you just need to think about what’s the best counter for frigate hole fleets, and home system defence fleets (depending on which side of the engagement your on)

learn to play the game, it’s all about finding ways to counter someone else’s ideas, if you can’t then you’re playing the wrong game.

Smartbombs cant be used near wormholes.

Cloaked t3c have a lock timer penalty long enough for frigs/pods to escape.

The issue with frig holes is that they destroy all content, not that people can’t get battleships in – there’s plenty of other holes for that. You are talking out of your ass.

Counterplay to frigate holes?

Have you tried setting a fleet with Vorton Projectors to shoot at the wormhole or a highly resistant target next to the wormhole to kill all small ships that come through?

Apparently that cannot be countered, according to that thread. And it is the counter to frigate holes, which cannot be countered according to this thread.

Well, do you want to rat in absolute safety or not?

You could of course risk ratting while only keeping an eye on the frigate hole, but from this thread I understand that is too dangerous for you.

“Well, do you want to rat in absolute safety or not?”

How does someone rat absolutely safely in a wormhole? You’ve never heard of rage rolling I assume, which doesn’t surprise me, considering you’ve never been in Jspace.

I don’t live in Nullsec, therefore I don’t comment on intricate nullsec mechanics. See how that works? Not commenting on stuff you don’t know about?

Why are you commenting on this? You don’t live in wormholes, you’ve never lived in wormholes, from 9 pages of your KB you’ve never fought in a wormhole – what are you doing trying to pretend like you know whats best for wormholes when you don’t live here?

Why I am commenting?

Because I believe that you shouldn’t be able to rat in absolute safety in any part of space.

Oh this is gold.

How does one rat absolutely safely in a wormhole? Do tell. I’ll offer 5billion isk for the secret!

Close holes and keep eye on new sigs. Don’t use a ship that pins you in space for 5 minutes during which time new holes might appear.

Now the only danger you face is from ships that are already cloaked in system with you, but by using ships with a surplus of hitpoints (not the minimum hp max ticks fits) and a defence fleet nearby you would survive an attack from the cloakies as they cannot cyno in backup.

Am I close?

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Not even close to close, you have no idea what you are talking about Im surprised you have the balls to continue acting like you do.

Do tell, how do kills like this happen:

and this:

and this:

and these:

How does this happen, where are the gankers coming from?

This perhaps?

Where do the gankers come from? If you can rat in absolute safety, how are they getting in there? Is it magic?

You know a lot about wormholes, so I’m sure you can tell us.

Where are these guys coming from?

They came through a hole, obviously.

How does the hole get there? What causes the hole to spawn?

Well it spawned. While the dread pilots were sieged and unable to get away.

Which is why I said that to rat in safety you

A very specific mechanic was used by the enemy fleet to force the hole to spawn; it didn’t just appear randomly as a wanderer.

Do you know the name of that mechanic?

Of course not, like you said I rarely go to wormholes.

All I say is that it shouldn’t be possible to rat in safety. You want more safety while ratting and I’m saying that is bad for the game.