(From Ashes we Rise) Recruiting corps and players!

Are you tired of being a cog in the wheel? Endless pinging for F1 shennaigans that dont matter? So where we!!!

We are a small alliance currently located in Vale of the Silent fighting the good fight for content and glory alongside old friends of ours.

Corp Styles we look for:
English Speaking
NO SP Requirements
Self sustainable
Members willing to make a difference

ISK Making:
Quiet and fully upgraded systems for you isk making pleasure
Stations for Industrial needs
Jump freighting from jita!!!
Local Market

We are NBSI
Vale is one of the hot beds for small gang activity loads of roams going out daily!!
Large Fleet fights!

Newbro friendly!!! Everyone and anyone can make a difference!(Close to 24/7 Support for questions)

Looking for active corps and new blood to fill the ranks. Have a voice in your playstyle!!!

Join http://discord.gg/ewSyHQZ

F-A-R Public in game aswell!

Make a difference! Join the party!

recruiting corporations

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