From Eve Loglite - Launcher log in issue , QT Engine?

Ever since the launcher patch I havent been able to get the log in screen to pop up. I have tried all the things people suggested. Even pulled the Eve file from my other comp that i didnt update the Launcher on and gets about 2 seconds into the black screen then drops the program. So when I use the Eve LogLite program I get the last 4 lines as QOpenGLFramebufferObject: Framebuffer incomplete attachment. With the last line being QOpenGLFramebufferObject: Framebuffer incomplete, missing attachment. After searching the web this seems to be related to the QT Engine eve uses but I cant find any fix. Anyone have any ideas?

I am having this same issue, have you found a fix for it yet?

Yes, I had a previous install on a different drive that I uninstalled but it left a few folders that were empty. I think some internal file pathways was looked for info from old install folders that were empty even though I had new install on a different drive. Basically the fix was to delete eve, search for all folders for eve, sharedcache folders, the whole thing. Deleted it all and then installed again, no problems.

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