Frontier Dusk (High Sec)

Frontier Dusk:
Im a returning player that started eve back in 2012 and decided to breath life back into my old corp once again. this means that lots of key roles within the corp can be achieved once trust has been developed. For this reason i fully welcome experienced vets who might want to push a new corp along for some fun to please join up.

The overarching plan for the corp is to establish a home in WH space while still keeping our operations in HS active. Im sure within time and working as a collective we can make this possible. This will be our push into Industry and production which will put the materials mined via our established mining operations to good use.

All types of players are very welcome, mission runners, miners, indys, explorers ect and very new player friendly.

For now were a small indy corp running an ore buy back system for all miners.
Team up with others and mine belts in our home system then deposit your ores back at base for a daily corporation payout (normally 10% below Jita prices) this saves you taking ores to market and gives you more mining time. In turn it helps the corp to grow.

Home system is 4 jumps from Jita

Home system has lots of ore belts and lots of planets for very reasonable returns on PI considering its High Sec

If you are new and want to get involved in something that is fresh or indeed a vet that would like to help steer a new corp along then please reply here or join our public channel by searching for FRDK

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Still looking for new members :slight_smile:

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