Looking for high sec mining corp

Playing off and on for 15+ years. I’m back, working on mining skills. Looking for reasonably laid back corp. I’ve got mining, hauling, salvaging, and some pve skills.

G’day - I’m much the same as you, an old player returning.

I’ve just formed a new corp based around mining / R&D / missioning etc, I have begun setting up structures within our system to facilitate these activities and am now looking for like-minded players to help get it off the ground.

Personally I’m AUTZ but I’d like to increase our player base over multiple TZ’s

If you’re interested in joining me build something interesting come join Ozzcorp indy channel in-game or contact me directly.


What you’re describing is half of what my corp (Astrek Frontier) aspires to do. Though we don’t like to live out of one corner of highsec so we cruise around in a C2 wormhole. This keeps things fresh so we don’t end up staring at the same skybox whilst shooting at the same rats all the time.

The other half of our charter is to explore. Some times in w-space, some times in high-sec for combat sites, some times in null-sec if we drill our way into it. Our explorers are motivated to find data & relic sites, but if they see a player target, we give everyone in the corp an opportunity to shoot at it for some PVP experience.

If the nomadic life sounds like something you want to try out. Add a lil danger into your eve life, give us a go. Message me in game or join our discord (htWRZEP)

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