Frontier Exploitation Combine - USTZ - WH - Small Gang PvP

Frontier Exploitation Combine is a growing USTZ WH Corp that lives for small gang PvP. Currently living in a C4 with a C3 and C2 static, we’ve got members across every skill level united by a common passion for shooting anything that gets too close!

What We Offer:
-Experienced FCs/Leadership with a PvP mentality.
-Multiple WH connections per day, always content to be had.
-A soft spot for T1; you don’t have to be rich to fly with us!
-New Player Friendly.
-C2 Combat Sites for the newer players and C3 Combat Sites for the experienced players to fuel the PvP addiction.
-Corp hauling assistance for PvP Ships.

What We Require:
-Must be USTZ
-Willingness to reship for PvP at a moment’s notice (if ingame and active).
-Ability to easily scan WH connections or willingness to train the skills required.
-Microphone for voice communication (discord).
-Positive Attitude, willing to cooperate towards the good of the group.

Questions? Join our public channel ‘Settle the Frontier’ or send Ancora Sophie an Eve Mail in game!
The Frontier Awaits!

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