Frontlines Feedback

Fixed now, following the shutdown minutes ago.

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Are the new scan sites for Min and Amarr working or are they still in development? Just seems to be none stop rats to kill atm.

Also i can see the propaganda items in the LP store is it possible to try that now as well?

I am killing Minmatar NPCs around supply depots and it seems like they are not turning into wrecks. Anyone else seeing this too or is my overview just messed up somehow? I am definitely seeing player wrecks in the busy system one jump away.

EBR-240184 is a display bug regarding the info panel in FW systems

What is the intent with scannable rendezvous points? We’re well past 20 probably going on 30 small waves and if it has affected how contested the system is its been absolutely minimal especially given the respawn time between waves and how the rats fly semi intelligently and it hasnt changed the advantage bar either.

Bug report EBR-240200

Can there be something in game that explains the propaganda structures and advantage?
I’ve been doing a bit of plexing and i can see the advantage bars, but i have no idea what they do or if it is important. The same is also true for propaganda structures, they exist and do something, but there is 0 indication of what that thing might be or if it is important in any way. (i will note that i have yet to drop one of these structures and see if there are any popups that explain what is does)


  • Advantage System: More description of advantage bonus, what it does, and how to get it should be seen on Warzone Control part of FW window. Especially once you click to see the advantage progress on specific systems. Right now one is told nothing about supply stuff or propaganda/listening posts.

  • Warzone Details: this tab in the FW window should include a column of numbers on each system’s net advantage.

  • Warzone Statistics: This tab is confusing and doesn’t make much sense to me. It also mentions nothing about advantage or the new objectives. Would be good to have stats about those if possible. But most of all it should just be more obvious what the numbers and columns are referring to.

  • Supply Depots: Quick and easy to blow up, especially with certain ships like battleships or stealth bombers. Too easy? I do however enjoy just fighting the waves of enemies that spawn. Didn’t notice any change to control or advantage though when I completed them, and was not notified of anything, such as LP rewards, so I guess nothing is happening right now?

  • Battlefields: not 100% sure how these work yet but it seems like keeping control points clear of waves of enemies leads to timed bursts of 5% full control. I could see this being quite good however I think it might be better without an activation gate so that groups that come in slightly later have a chance to try and attack one control point without landing in a central area where people will be waiting for them. I also think that if the intention is to get BIG battles going over these then something should be done to stop these being cleared very quickly. Conceivably they could be completed by a few battleships nowadays before an opposing team has time to show up, which is a shame. Maybe turn the bursts down from 5% while clear to 5% for each wave cleared? Or just 1% at a time?

  • Wrecks: In supply depots and battlefields wrecks of NPCs do not seem to be appearing. This is a shame.

  • Random NPC Conflicts: It is very cool to see conflicts between NPC groups at the sun or other places. Does joining in these battles work? Do they contribute to anything? Would you be able to share or give reps or remote bonuses with NPCs? That would be awesome.

  • Screwed Overview: This is the most important thing that needs to be dealt with, IMO. My view in SiSi is the default and in Battlefields both sides of NPCs appear as red. Why is this problem still persisting from over the years? In complexes this has always been an annoying thing which newbies need to learn about so they stop killing their own side. However in other locations, such as battlefields, this becomes really challenging to separate all the NPCs by names. I didn’t even realise I was killing my side in the battlefield until later. facepalm

I have not yet done supply missions or dealt with the new anchorable things but I will soon.


In the factional Warfare UI, the map for Warzone Control does a great job at disguising the top buttons, and i could see someone missing them because they blend in with the map. Could some sort of box be put around those buttons (at least when looking at the map) to make them easier to find?

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A few suggestions:

There is currently no incentive for warzone control or pushing systems except for docking rights and the LP from plexes you get for capturing those systems. In some cases pushing the warzone would result in less frontline systems for you to plex and less income.
There should be some reward for the winning faction that doesn’t impact the losing faction.
(imagine LP payouts to pilots upon system flips for PvP and plex captures, similar to how the concord LP from incursion payouts work - and/or bonuses for capturing systems that are very long held and havn’t been flipped in a long time, these systems are often strongholds and this could lead to some really interesting fights.)

I also notice on test center that because ships are free, people are tending to fly lots of big ships and only running the biggest plexes. This is the inverse of what usually happens in FW. I would just recommend keeping that in mind when evaluating and balancing.


So we tested a few things on Sisi earlier.
A few observations:

The text on the plex beacons are not correct in regards of ship types that are able to enter.

I was expecting to be able to enter navy plexes with advanced ships of a smaller hull size. But it looks like you can’t even get t2 frigates into a large navy complex.
This could cause issues with people not willing to commit navy BCS or BS without being able to bring t2 logi.

There was not much fighting going on. You may want to call for a “brawl night” to get some proper action going and maybe test the battlefield sites.

Is there any auto scaling planned for the plexes that spawn in a system depending on activity?
Because if the Frontline systems become pretty busy with 20-30 players from each side competing for plexes the LP from -1 and -5 variants drops to nearly 0 pretty quickly.

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Couldn’t figure out what was wrong. But sometimes NPCs that spawn near the beacon move at warp speed. And it’s not a bump.

Game client stops responding (“hangs”), when I try to probe scan in an Angils constellation (yesterday - Orfrold, today - Ualkin, Egmar and Taff were ok).

Have to kill the process using Task Manager.

System - Windows 10, never had such issues before.

Clarifying question: Is there a battlefield spawn no more than two hours per system or for a side or for the whole WZ or?

Amarr Propaganda Structure possible bug (EBR-240281), only pays to the deployer of the structure. Also, more importantly, no advantage change when site completed.

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System capture seems a bit slow. We have over 30% advantage in Flos, and the rate at which capturing plexes impacts system control doesn’t seem to increase.

I’m getting the same thing, completed two, no visible change to the advantage.

I guess maybe these are balanced more for fleets than 1-2 players, but the waves of ships stalling the 15min process started to become frustrating quickly. Maybe 3-4 waves over the course of the duration instead of what feels like every 30seconds-1min?

Like the concept tho.

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We flipped Floseswin, but the Ihub appears to be invulnerable.

The Battlefield only pays LP to those on 1 of the 3 control zones… though there have been a couple of instances where a pilot is no longer on that control zone, but kiting the rats off somewhere, and got paid. The pilots on the other 2 CZs do not get paid.

I ran 3 propaganda in a row with no change to advantage numbers.

Can confirm.

No advantage, just some LP. (I got 10,000 LP though there were 2 of us on field)

Also waves barely gave any time between. In a real warzone this whole thing would have taken too long to not have serious problems with war targets up-shipping and getting us. Some PvP is good, but the current timer is too long like this and to fight off the big waves and PvP would require a fleet much bigger than the enemy WTs in system. Maybe that is okay.

But lol, why does the propaganda structure explode after it has completed scanning? And maybe they should call what it does “broadcasting” rather than scanning.

Ran 4 Propagandas in a row and saw a 1% change in Advantage (+1 to my faction Minmatar) on the 4th one. Noone else was in system doing things that would impact Advantage (running sm, med, nov complexes).
So they do work? but +.25% at a time is a bit low, I think.

Overall, I really liked the changes. The Frontline and Command Ops areas work well to focus players into specific areas rather than having them spread out. The Battlefields still need a bit of work to iron out the bugs with the ship access and capture points, but they are an excellent addition. I can really see them being great conflict drivers.

The Propaganda and Listening beacons feel like you have to do a lot for little reward. I liked mechanic, but I feel like there needs to be a bigger incentive to encourage people to run them. 10,000 LP and a fraction of a percent Advantage increase seems a bit harsh.

I am not sure if I think that the system control points when you complete a plex are a bit too low now. They were definitely too high when you received 0.7% per plex. There wasn’t much conflict in the systems during testing and it seemed to take a long time with a lot of effort to flip a system. I could imagine it being a really horrible grind to flip a system on Tranquility with an active enemy under the new points system. It definitely shouldn’t be easy, but it may have gone a bit too far in the opposite direction. I would be interested to see what the data you have says about this.

Looking forward to patch day.