Frontlines Wargame on Singularity

Is Sisi downtime different from Tranq downtime? I was expecting to be able to capture plex’s after downtime today but still am not able to (shows me in the Militia, but can’t cap plexes).

5am utc iirc

daily scheduled DT on Singularity is from 05:00-05:15 GMT

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@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras is correct - 05:00 UTC for Sisi DT

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I would prefer to enlist as a Caldari mercenary without having to retire from my corporation. It is the only selection that isn’t available. I feel if that option were to be available participation on the individual level would be greater.

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I have been attempting to test the FW content out since the Emblem mass test today and have hit many roadblocks/obstacles in actually being able to sign up for this test. I feel as if on the test server, it should not be this difficult to test things, especially an update as big as this which is actively seeking testers…

Toon cant join because part of corp.
Corp cant join because part of alliance.
Alliance cant join because member corps standings
Corp leaves alliance. Cant join because you were in an alliance and have a cooldown.

I am afraid to leave corp to test as I would lose assets, isk, and points for the corp for the event and who knows if there is still another obstacle to join.

After this cooldown period, and I enlist, will I have to wait until DT until it is effective? or can i participate right away? If I have to wait until DT that is effectively 2-3 days of lost testing. Perhaps these obstacles can be removed to test the actual content? or at least the cooldowns be removed so you can join quicker? Now I have to remember to log in tomorrow to enlist and hope I can participate.


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That’s something we hope to permit in the future but when Frontlines comes to TQ it’ll still require you to join a militia corp as has been the case for a while. At least on Sisi it’s not too big a deal to drop corp and join a militia to try out the feature.

If you enlist with a militia on Sisi or have some kind of cooldown send me a DM with the character name and militia you want to be in and I’ll boosh you.

Spent too long trying to figure out how to DM on the forums, but sent you a EVE Mail.

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My alt corporation is in amarr and I cannot find the option for us to to drop Amarrmil anywhere despite being the CEO.

Flag the ccp post an select “something else”

Thats the only way to DM CCP or ISD on the forums

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Does that even work?

If it didnt, i wouldnt have said it. That is essentially a DM to the devs/volunteers, and the only way to DM them.

I agree ship’s should have 3mid’s minimum unless its a super fast ship like the retri and slicer the way it is now it will be useless for solo a fed navy commit will murder it with ease.

It’s neut bonus seems to be good for super long engagement’s (2 to 3 minutes) which it wont have.

I would give it a 40 seconds top’s and in that time the neut wont have much effect vs a normal cap boosted mwd scram ship, It will neut it self out first before the enemy.

It’s been designed as a fleet ship with logi and tackle support and as a fleet ship that neut bonus is wasted too.

Maybe some weird fit where you have 5 guns and sacrifice 1 gun for a 2nd neut and then you go scram + cap booster in the mids maybe then it will be able to do something solo but people will have ranged control over you and kite out and warp off.

If you swap one high for one mid you can drop the neut bonus completely and the ship will be fine, alternatively you can keep the 2 mids and 1 utility high but then give it a neut range bonus so that it has some chance to stop ship’s from getting under its guns.

If you want to be fancy the neut bonus could be 5x increased in neut strength but it cycles 5x slower so you have moment’s where you can blast their cap to 0 and pull a little range and then have a long cd where the neut is useless.

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this :point_up:

come on CCP

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I posted in the wrong topic, so I will quote it here.
I can’t play FW because of this bug.

This bug is kinda super serious.

Depending on your bad standings, you can cause the corp to not be in fw if standings are still a requirement. Which on the test server you can fix your standings with a command

This would be a huge opportunity to increase access to FacWar for people who just cannot leave their corporations and alliances, but would like to experience the new content coming.

could it change to were you can just join the war fare with out needing to drop out of your corp?