Frontlines Wargame on Singularity

Hi and welcome to the Frontlines Wargame on Singularity!

A testing period for new features on Singularity should be familiar to everyone, however with Frontlines being such a significant undertaking we’re holding a wargame to encourage more sustained engagement with the feature while in testing and thus obtain more feedback than usual!

This wargame will be confined to the Amarr/Minmatar warzone in order to concentrate activity in one place and make it easier to monitor. For the purposes of the test we will simply regard the Amarr as the Blue Force and Minmatar as the Red Force. Hopefully this will make it more attractive to players who have strong connections to their Caldari or Gallente identities who would rather not fight for those other guys, even if it’s just on the test server. :slight_smile:


Singularity is our public test server which contains the in-developement versions of upcoming features and changes for players to test out prior to their deployment to the live server (Tranquility).

Accessing Singularity is quick and easy and the necessary steps can be found here. Updating your launcher for Singularity only adds the necessary game files to your EVE folder; it won’t affect your Tranquility installation so you can still easily switch back and forth between servers.

Singularity also has its own set of rules which you should familiarize yourself with. One notable exception is that since this is an extended playtest of a specific feature which will rely heavily on PvP, the “Combat by consent only” rule is suspended within the Amarr/Minmatar warzone.

The last mirror from Tranquility to Singularity was on 16 September, so your character’s location, skills and assets on the test server will reflect those of your character on Tranquility as of that date.

Please refer to this news item for some information on how Faction Warfare gameplay has changed.


  • 25 October - Frontlines Wargame announcement and forum post (the one you’re reading now).
  • 26 October - Singularity will be taken offline at 13:00 UTC so we can prep the warzone. Singularity will reopen at 14:00 UTC which will be the official start of the wargame.
  • 4 November - Wargame ends at 14:00 UTC when Singularity will be taken offline and we begin to analyse the result.

The Battlefield

As mentioned previously, the wargame will take place in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone. Immediately prior to the start of the wargame control of the systems in the warzone will be reset to a balanced initial state to level the playing field for both sides:

For the Red Force, the constellations of Tiat, Essin, Angils, Huvilma, Hed and Aldodan plus the system of Ezzara (35 systems) will be placed under their control.

For the Blue Force, the constellations of Tandoiras, Sasen, Jayai, Eugidi, Vaarma and Semou (35 systems) will be placed under their control.

As this is on Singularity, each constellation contains at least one station that is fully stocked with all items for 100ISK each so access to materiel for your campaigns will be very straight forward.


Players who were already members of the Amarr or Minmatar militias on TQ as of 16 September should be able to just log in and go to work. :crossed_swords: FW players in Cal/Gal militias or players who aren’t involved in FW on Tranquility can log in on Singularity and enlist with either the Amarr or Minmatar militia in a matter of minutes.

For individual capsuleers enlisting in their preferred militia:

  1. Log into Singularity.
  2. Type /moveme in any chat window and then click on the “Move to” button beside either Amarr or Rens depending on which team you want to join in the window that pops up. You will then be teleported to the system you chose. If it does not work straight away give it about 10 seconds and then try again. (If you are the first person to visit the system since the last server reset it might need to be “woken up” by the server.)
  3. Dock up in a station owned by your preferred team faction.
  4. On the station services panel on the right locate the Factional Warfare icon and click it.
  5. On the Factional Warfare window that opens just click the “Enlist me” button at the bottom. Click the confirmation. Congratulations! You’re now a militia pilot. Make your way to the warzone!

For those who wish to enrol their entire corporation or alliance the steps are the same as above, you just click the appropriate button in the FW window. This action can only be performed by the CEO (corporation) or alliance executor (alliance). If you want your corp or alliance to be in FW on Singularity at the very beginning of the test you must enrol it prior to the server going down at 13:00 UTC on 26 October. Otherwise your corp/alliance will not be placed in FW until the next scheduled Singularity downtime at 05:00 UTC on 27 October.

Please be aware that in order to join a militia the character’s standing towards that Empire must be 0.0 or greater. In case of a corporation or alliance, the average standing of all members must be 0.0 or greater.


The objective for both sides is very straight forward: control as many systems in the warzone as possible by the conclusion of the wargame (14:00 UTC on 4 November). That side will be declared the winner.


We measure contribution by individual pilots and corps to the success of their faction in Loyalty Points accumulated.

  • All capsuleers who accumulate any Loyalty Points for either side of the wargame during the testing period will receive a medal added to their character sheets on Tranquility as a token of gratitude for your participation.

Additionally the top 10 individual and top 5 corporation accumulators of Loyalty Points on both sides of the wargame during the testing period will also be rewarded on Tranquility:

Individuals will each receive:

  • 1,000 PLEX
  • 3 single-run Navy Faction BPCs (1 x frigate, 1 x destroyer and 1 x battlecruiser) from the faction of their choice (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar)

Corporations will each receive:

  • 30 single-run Navy Faction BPCs (10 x frigate, 10 x destroyer and 10 x battlecruiser) from the faction of their choice (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar)

Only Loyalty Points gained through plexing will be counted. LP earned for PvP kills or running FW missions will not be counted to avoid farming.

If a player or corporation switches teams during the event and accumulates enough Loyalty Points to otherwise be eligible for prizes for both sides they will only receive the rewards for the side they gained the most Loyalty Points with. It is possible for an individual to earn rewards even if they are a member of a corporation which also qualifies for rewards.

Bugs and Feedback

You may encounter some bugs as a lot of new content has been added to Singularity in addition to the Frontlines feature. The best way to report bugs to us is by pressing F12 in the game client and clicking the Report Bug button and filling out the fields you are provided. Alternately you can submit a report at with the information, however the in-client report is the most valuable to us as it includes information about the state of your client in the submission.

UPDATE: You can leave comments about the wargame in this thread, however please direct your feedback about the Frontlines feature itself to this thread. Any comments posted here which pertain to Frontlines mechanics will be moved.


We understand that there is a lot going on right now in the respective warzones on Tranquility with the faction campaigns that are currently underway and we appreciate any time capsuleers can dedicate towards helping test the Frontlines feature on Singularity as well. For those of you who make your lives in New Eden outside of Factional Warfare that have had your interest piqued by the recent goings-on in low security space, this wargame will be a great opportunity for you to dip your toe into a new and exciting space vocation in New Eden!



I have just been handed the results from our analytics team!

Top 5 Blue Team (Amarr) Corporations: Top 5 Red Team (Minmatar) Corporations:
Phoenix Naval Operations Fancypants Inc
Urban Mining Group Phantom Regiment
Red Sky Morning Nomads of Republic
Z5-x02E07F Kultures Gradient
Taayusaka Eskeitan The Iskariot Organization
Top 10 Blue Team (Amarr) Individuals: Top 10 Red Team (Minmatar) Individuals:
Gilisder Thellere Suhupow Billos
Ragnarok Sui Falacious Aldent
MoiKaip Jake Anneto
Xialis Drexter Auscent
PixyWarrior Ellecon Baron PinKooliO
Ashley Parisi Duilius ArtJay
Art Urban Elisia Direnna
Phexar Fireforce Teelah barElyon
Kargin Mezer Trec Sereta
Amara Ninhursag railo

The CEOs of the corporations and the individual capsuleers above will soon receive an evemail from me on TQ to find out which faction they would like their BPCs to come from. Keep an eye on your inboxes!

PLEX for individual winners has been delivered.

All of the following will receive a medal for their participation, split into 3 tiers:

Tier 1 Medal Recipients: Tier 2 Medal Recipients: Tier 3 Medal Recipients:
Suhupow Billos StupidVic Ksardas Aurum
Gilisder Thellere Hans Devin Trunner Tekitsu
Falacious Aldent Duncan Dainese X03 X03
Ragnarok Sui Lauro 1984 K3npachi
Jake Anneto Larraht Drayen Lili langisi
Drexter Auscent Take You Danielle Deveraux
MoiKaip Jack Lagash Crack Inspector II
Baron PinKooliO Angel75 Crack Inspector III
Xialis Amarra Shimaya Cracker Inspector V
PixyWarrior Ellecon RasSine Crack Inspector VII
Duilius ArtJay Ator Askulf Asena Boerue
Ashley Parisi Sir Tikon Guinarius Black
Elisia Direnna Domusk Endashi Aetheoddry
Art Urban Darth Terona Mgaati en Daire
Phexar Fireforce Kargioles Sunn Tzuu
Kargin Mezer Matthew O’Hearn Denna Amelana
Teelah barElyon Diziet Lomadriewyn Mr Hellsatano
Trec Sereta Yax Yalrar Galnir Haralgeir
Amara Ninhursag Alex Okobnor Rist Ozuwara
willacide Nakiskodo Vey Mayaki
Urban Merchant Jita Taras Distel BudGger
Vinjivas Katelo Stitch Kaneland Paddy Concannon
railo havic Parmala Naskingar Eginald
Naava Edios Hakshi Yvormes Altaen
willgrind Glitch Rebellion Tir Quas
Zurutul Narazim Henrayyyyy Andven Tygarin Kvazovsky
Lori Catarina Dark Queen lll Tig Quat
Sara Valkyier Thomas Calvaro Coldy Dogfish
Sileto Valkyier General Stargazer Tisario
Onslaughtor Aisling Calvarion Madnis One
ZED-31BRAVO Walter Islands Misario
Mr Tingla Jamal Frederick Sho Menao
Hist Onis Carcass Eater kreig Amelana
Aldo Jackson weiyu Dhinakar
Hiak Yanumano Elrinarie NJay Z
souffle cake Leto Freedom Finian Engle
Sven Bauer Mikey FAT Blaze Haught
Sir Pekan Chung OLDdeDd Synn Oriki
Lily Red Special AI Rey Rush
Sacul Nalelmir Defense fleet Amarr Thosakki Kalkoken
Dangerstar Jayrat Grand Moff Helion GraysPrays
Gelf Smitty Uitra Mark Fjord
HalinaCD Orkost Orlais Placide Renaria Bererund
mudders CDLoon Phelan K’ell
Newbie Friendly Gamer Shemham Phorash Kalli Oriki
AramelSpellmaker Kimik Antollare Lynn Dacer
Patrick Makanen sky1987 Khaprice
Suki Vokkonen Gallent 0 Crai Hakaari
Epsilonrook Jaycen Sheridan Marek Doe
Rastaline Jakob Harrashan Mary Aivoras
Ku HiYara Alen Asques Mila Makey
Ibn Khatab Kibric DisasterKuz
Xopyc Anu brother noro Waldonisss
Vadania Danann Nalda Maji Umangiar Roper Gxos
Thanos30212 Blackk Magiikk Mulatto
Vadania Vokkonen Aldo of Taskforce Frost XVII
ironman30212 Ya Echo Elle Mendez
Misairu Yokone SOVEREIGN 09 Cassandra Frazier
Zurion Issir Titanium Pink jim Karl
Antony Parker BEETHOVENSMITH Ganasyu
Spartaci Trevton Thadius Faran
Aoife Izia Miku Rees Pierien Saissore
Nuke Blast Czar Infamous sergmonster1224
Sicnarf Kotreb Moonhuntress Jabar Scarab
Kirill Dif Keah Ahkana Mzuka
Woodroffe Malcom Reynoldss Czajnol Kopara
marin marinere niroshido Tabitha Boirelle
Guier Rollard Frank Casstle Cuitlahac
Himalayaa Falcor Khora Gevala
Endo Amatin Zeronom Juliette Briscou
Andy Byrr Sierra Laduko Remilia Malitia
OAJ Riku Rees Dark Shines
Miras Muske Salartarium Ralt Gaithar
El Profii Rachel Lehcar Unctom
Ollec Utama Wes S Rintaro Okabe
Sebastian Zola cd3v Arhont Sibirskii
Oleksandr Hemah Rudy McRood elitri2
Xavier Bragish Koraka Agric MorucK
Eleanor Yvormes Dread Jorvik Threv Echandari
McVilian Ozuwara Beldrulf Ituin Crulich Buka
varuhait eldersha Iera Direnna Abrek Abrekovi4
She Who Endures Elsa Portois Micky Nox
Jagdpanther Tiger kjkgf DutchGunner
Tantizil Sova razernc Ludwig Pfyffer
Commander Rust Debes Sparre Vuidazo Andven
Mulnic Ayvhoz Destloli Jennifer Jovakko
Kentar Sterling Rahne Chocolate Friend of Wisdom
Isani’a Aleksander Nevski Geren Basbar
Mikka Wind Rebel Alpha Ackbad Pappotte
EveryNoobs Maverick Hyperionus Iapetorii Alegni South
Valyren Oriki Loco Udan wuhuoyuhui
Cris Tan Chuckwalla Luhen Ostus
Guali Thellere FireStarter RU x1SHOTx3KILLSx
Frofr PLlskln

Medals will be delivered as soon as possible, likely next week.

Thank you once again for participating in the wargame and we hope you are enjoying Frontlines on Tranquility!

Question: Do I understand this right, that I can join as player when I’m in a player corp, without having the whole corporation to join?

And can I do this on live too, when it goes live? This feature was announced at Fanfest.

Edit: First :joy:

Navy Faction, mm, destroyer?

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so can pilots from

  • Caldari: State_Protectorate
  • Gallente: Federal Defence Union
    take part and gain rewards ?

@ CCP Convict

Did I hear: we will be adding large skill injectors for 100 ISK in the test server?

You read right

OK nice :smiley:

don’t forget to do that folks
ask in militia channel

Captura de Tela 2022-10-25 às 12.28.57

and sry for the profanity but that is the official name of low sec overviews for years , no other way to communicate better


Just joined Amarr… getting ready now

2022-10-25 12_47_11-EVE - Arya Yeshe


oh the implants
i need to get some
never use on TQ :smiley:
good you remember me lol

Getting ready for making a Tama 2.0 in the Sisi

I would have a small sugestion regarding the medal you get.
so there should be like 3 different tiers and 3 different types of medals.

Tiers just ad a I,II or III behind medal name
I has contributed a litte bit.
II more than I
and III alot.

The 3 diffferent types should be
Amarr tester
Minmatar Tester
and just tester for those who are gallente/caldari induviduals who do not want to associated with the race they fought for.

Did i hear faction dessi?

im hoping for a coercer navy issue with 3 mid slots so i can put 3 webs :rofl:

wow… this is amazing!

i joined Amarr… withdrawed and then joined Minmatar right away, no cooldowns!

No TQ monument for the winners? Also can you earn the medal for both sides?

SHHHHHH dont ask such questions, just do it like me and hope for the best


that is an old amarr meme dude :smiley:

i will explain
2 mid slots
you can put

1 prop 1 web
1 prop 1 scram
1 web 1 scram
2 webs

there is subtle differences in each of them and use cases but if you really think not that much, they always are bad compared to 3 slots

2 webs fits are popular

so the joke is , wen i have 3 slots i will put 3 webs


It’s a little bit weird that the rewards for helping with the test wargame are basically either a participation trophy, or something really substantial, but only for the very top players / corps. It’d be nice if there were something in-between to encourage people to participate a “medium” amount, instead of “either log in exactly once for the medal, or try hard grinding for a week+ to be one of the very top players”.

Especially since some of us have FW objectives to pursue on the real server due to the currently ongoing event objectives :slight_smile:

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Gotta start reporting stuff

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