Mass Test on Singularity: Thursday, 19th October at 18:00-20:00 UTC

Greetings Capsuleers!

We have an update about a testing window Singularity to share with you all today. As part of the upcoming Havoc expansion, a new mechanic is going to be added to the existing Factional Warfare zones, “Pirate Insurgencies” and we’d like your help with testing it out!

When is the test running?

  • Singularity will be opening for testing on Thursday 19th October at 18:00 UTC and closing again at 20:00 UTC.

What will be included in this patch?

  • We will be patching Singularity with several parts of the Havoc expansion (not the whole thing!) and won’t be fully representative of the entire expansion. The primary focus of this test is the Pirate Insurgencies. Some additional features are also included but may not be considered final or a part of this test.

What exactly is being tested?


  • Enlisting with the pirate factions. Docking in one of the Angel stations to enlist there, or Guristas station to enlist there. You can type /moveme and select either H-PA29 (Guristas) or G-0Q86 (Angel)
  • There is a minimum standing required to enlist. You can type /booststandings to be boosted to +10.0 standing.

Insurgencies - primarily corruption and suppression-related content.

  • Those enlisting (or already enlisted) with existing Factional Warfare factions should be able to help with suppression-based activities.
  • Those enlisting with the pirate faction should be able to help with corruption-based activities.
  • The amount of suppression/corruption has been significantly increased to accelerate the timeline of these mechanics.

Known limitations for this test:

  • Anyone currently enrolled in Factional Warfare will not be able to retire and join the Angel Cartel or Guristas due to the 20-hour cooldown between switching. Players currently enlisted with these Faction warfare militias are recommended to represent their factions still in the Warzone.

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Ensure that the launcher is patched to the latest version (important for Mac)
  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the bottom right corner of the launcher and log in as normal.
  • More detailed instructions are available here.
  • If you are having issues logging via the new or existing launcher, removing your account and performing a fresh login should resolve the issue.

Test instructions:
(Please note, images here may not also represent what is seen in the final build, they are indicative of the process)

Enlisting with a pirate faction:
You can join up with one of the pirate factions via a new option in the Neocom.
Under Activities → “Factional Warfare Enlistment”

Select if you want to align with the Pirates or the Empire factions. For this example, we’ll select pirates.

From here you can click “Angel Cartel” and “Guristas”

Once you’ve selected a faction, if you aren’t in a location suitable for enlisting, you will be advised where your closest station is by mousing over “Initiate enlistment”:

Once you’re enlisted, you can move across to the Warzones.

To find an active insurgency – open the Neocom, under Activities you’ll find an “Insurgencies” option.

Opening the “Insurgencies” window will show you locations with active insurgencies for the Angel Cartel and Guristas pirates. (You can change the focus at the top of the window)

Head to one of the systems with an insurgency in. You can find the location of the pirate FOB on the right of the screen; this is a good starting point:

The systems with an Insurgency will have various Anomalies/Combat sites themed around the faction of that Insurgency. They can currently be found on the right-click menu, or probe scanner window in the system with the Insurgency.

Depending on the Insurgency progress, additional system-wide effects may come into effect depending on the level of corruption and suppression. These can be discovered/tested as they become available.

What ships are recommended?

The pirate sites follow a lot of similar sizing restrictions in their suffix descriptions as Factional Warfare sites:

  • Large = Battleships and smaller

  • Medium = Cruisers and smaller

  • Small = Destroyers and smaller

  • Scout = Frigates and smaller

  • Then a number denoting the payout size split/recommended number of people for the site. (Such as -1 or -5)

  • “Laundering Facilities” or “Anti-Pirate Security post” are item-trader locations and considered “open” sites, there are no acceleration gates here (but there may be npcs!)

  • “Mining Fleet Ambush” are open locations and will contain npcs as well. These sites will drop items that can be exchanged at the Laundering Facilities.

Anything else I should know?

  • Feedback is welcome here on the forum, or over in the official EVE Online Discord in the channel named “Mass-test”
  • Singularity has recently been mirrored as well.
  • On Singularity you can use the channel “masstesting” for communications.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing about your experiences!


This thread will be updated with known issues pertaining to the Enlistment/Insurgency.

Known Issues:

  • In the insurgency window, the “learn more” & “find objectives” buttons on the bottom right are currently non-functional
    image (183)

  • The Station services button still always opens up the Factional Warfare window, when it should open up the enlistment window if you are not enlisted in Factional Warfare.
    image (184)

  • System names in the panels on the right-hand side of the insurgency window are currently not clickable

  • We have not finished developing the left-hand side panel in the insurgency window.

  • The Insurgency, and Factional Warfare windows currently share the same window Icon in the Neocom
    image (187)

  • The popup gauges in the insurgency map may not currently play well with UI scaling settings other than 100%
    image (188)

  • Access to the pirate FOBs is currently blocked for this playtest, which means there is no docking allowed, nor will they provide a tether.

  • The “Pirate Mining Ambush” anomalies are currently WIP and not fully functional at this time.

  • A new “Escape menu” has been added, but is not the latest version for this build and is still a work in progress.

Where are Vanguards in it? :slight_smile: …in stress-tests? :sunglasses:

Not apart of it yet it seems

I think stress-test vanguards are just doing their stuff already it would be strange not to sync both tests, even with players being unaware of the connection being present. But obviously it’s too early and it’s fine by me :slight_smile:

…just poking my nose where it does not belong he he

it could be interesting to check hoboleaks on Thursday…

The Vanguard test happens a month AFTER Havoc releases. I would recommend testing the primary mechanic of Havoc BEFORE the expansion hits.

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There were EVE Vanguard stress-tests planned BEFORE December. It was hinted in the Keynote after live demo by CCP Emerald (~@06:24:15 into the Day 1 stream) :slight_smile:

The email registration is specifically for those. December tests will be available to all Omega accounts - we will get 4th character slot for creating a Vanguard merc. Selecting it will launch EVE Vanguard instead of EVE Online.

I think I will enlist for the rats on Thursday :wink:

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Hey there!
Just to be clear - as outlined in the post, the primary focus of this test is for the pirate Insurgencies mechanic and the enlistment into the pirate factions.

There are a few additional elements that will be viewable and accessable in parts to individuals on the test server, however, details with regards to any EVE Vanguard related content or interactions are not a part of this test.

When more news is available and ready to be shared (along with test plans) you’ll likely see that in a more dedicated news, or forum post depending on the level of coordination required.

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Thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

Also, can I use beta launcher?

Yes, the beta launcher is fully supported for this test (but if you have old accounts still logged in, then you will need to login again).

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I see in one of the screenshots “PRT-1”. What are are the ship restrictions for PRT sites compared to NVY or ADV?

I think thats just to pinpoint that its pirate related. In that example battlships or smaller and only 1 person

I have never done FW and I don’t know anything about it, but does this mean that you can take a Corvette in?

meaning you can’t take anything larger than a frigate, so yes if you wanted to take a corvette you should be able to. similarly if you wanted to take a frigate in a large where battleships are the high ship restriction, you can.

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because singularity is not up all the time now it would be dope if you included in the post when the snapshot was or will be taken , like in this case some people may consider leaving faction warfare for the snapshot

It already happened (the mirror).

Idk why they should just put back up the test server to the public cause i wanted to test a couple of fits i have and it would be nice if i could properly use them on tq with out making mistakes but nah test server is not up

Why not test them on Thursday while you have that chance?

cause i have work on thursday i get off at night time

will the new BC’s be available in the mass test?