[FU84R] Mostly Sober - Super Chill Sov Null PvP

(Elppin Tsaerb) #1

We’re a tight knit bunch of eve nerds who’re determined to maximise our fun through searching the galaxy for the best possible fights, having fought in every part of New Eden we currently find ourselves enjoying Null Sec, holding our own Sov in Tenerifis. Embracing our carefree nature and shying away from any drama llamas, our Corp and Alliance environment is incredibly easy going offers our members the best possible experience.

Titan / Super Bait Op Success

What We Can Offer:

  • Small / Medium Gang Warfare
  • Black Ops Fleets (Hot Drop O’Clock)
  • Alliance Fleet Ops 50+
  • Fleet Ships on Contracts
  • Capital Fleets
  • Null Sec - Tenerifis
  • Excellent Logistic Backbone
  • MrChuckNorris

What We Are Looking For:

  • 20m SP
  • Working Microphone
  • Must Live In Our Current Base
  • Carefree and Friendly Attitude!
  • Adaptable, Willing To Train Into Fleet Doctrines

Come Join Us Today! Please join our public channel MS-Public to chat ingame, any of our members will be glad to help and please ask them any questions you have.

Corp Killboard

Older player returning and dragging a noob with him
130m SP char looking at ... stuff
37 mill SP Looking for null pvp corp
58mill and 20mill sp pilot looking for corp
80Mil+ SP player looking for a corp
Considering return (gone 4 yrs, 27M SP)
Returning player looking for New crew
61 Mil SP PvP Pilot Looking for Active 0.0 Corp with Indy Alt
11,5M sp Pilot | Looking to Return | PvP and PvE | Grinder
LF Active PVP in great Wildlands
28mill pilot looking to relearn the game -- PVP/IND
76 Mil sp pvp pilot looking for a new null sec corp
40 mil sp w 6 omega alts lf 0.0 corp
Returning 19mil SP PvP pilot looking for new home
(Jumbo TM) #2


(MrChuckNorris) #3

We are actively recruiting both our USTZ and EUTZ! Looking for some new blood for corp and to expand our community! Come check us out! Speak to one of our recruiters today!

(MrChuckNorris) #4


(Elppin Tsaerb) #5

Come on over, be a BASTARD!

(Elppin Tsaerb) #6

You know you want to

(MrChuckNorris) #7


(Jumbo TM) #8

A couple of kill mails from today


Titan/Super Bait :smiley:

Join MS-Public ingame or our discord

Looking for 0.0 corp
Returning nullsec vet, 100m+ SP looking for new home
28M SP Pilot LF Activity
(Elppin Tsaerb) #9

New battle report added. Come join the fun!

(MrChuckNorris) #10

Come check us out today!

(MrChuckNorris) #11


More dunks were had! Come fly with us!

(Elppin Tsaerb) #12

Come shoot Supers with us

(Elppin Tsaerb) #13

Wait, what??

(MrChuckNorris) #14

If your looking for an active null sec pvp corp housed in a pvp driven alliance, look no further! Drop into our in game channel “MS-Public” TODAY!!!

(MrChuckNorris) #15

(Jumbo TM) #16

Check the above video! We’re recruiting US/EU dudes to help towards our shenanigans

(Elppin Tsaerb) #17

Come be a Bastard!!

(Ikta Shoridon) #18

Great corp, Ive enjoyed my time here. Chuck only makes us sing a random song once a week.

(MrChuckNorris) #19

Were looking for bloodthirsty pvpers! drop by our pub channel today and speak with one of our recruiters for more information!

(Jumbo TM) #20

We’re currently on a big recruitment push! If you enjoying a relaxed PVP community come join :slight_smile:

~38M SP- Looking for Gang pvp
71M SP - Looking for pvp corp. J-space/0.0 pref
64 m SP pilot looking for a new place to call home