[USTZ Null Sec Based] Mostly Sober is Recruiting

We are Mostly Sober [FU84R], heavy on the Mostly, and are part of the Premiere USTZ Alliance Nullsechnaya Sholupen [NSH].

Mostly Sober has been seen across New Eden for almost 8 Years, spanning from the deep reaches of Null Sec to Various Low Sec space. Known for our ruthless aggression, we have built a name for ourselves over the years.

For a limited period of time, we are looking to recruit some more pilots to join our ranks.

Our Requirements:

  • Friendly Attitude and PVP Focused
  • Self Sufficient making Isk
  • Must be able to fly our Doctrines. Faction BS, HAC, Logistics
  • Must have a Useful Alt. Dictor, HIC, Recon, Dread, Fax, Carrier
  • Active at least 2+ Nights a week during prime time
  • 2 Week Trial Period

ROTE Titan Gank

ROTE Titan Logs Into a Gank

Compilation Footage of our Find a Home Campaign

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Daily reminder that we are in fact still recruiting.

Still looking for some pilots up to the task! Come join us on our discord and start the process.

Love pvp? Love actually taking fights? Look no further.

Bump for those who love pvp.

Here are some recent fights weve had;

1st: Armor timer for a Rote Fortizar.
Video: NSH & Frat vs "Free men of the North" Fort Armor Timer in Aunenen - YouTube
BR: Battle Report Tool

2nd: Hull Timer on the same Rote Fortizar.
BR: Battle Report Tool
Video coming soon.

Video from the Fortizar hull timer against Rote Kapelle.

Recruitment is still open! Come say hello!