Mostly Sober - Gallente Militia USTZ - PVP At It's Finest

Mostly Sober [FU84R] has been seen across New Eden for over 8 Years, spanning from the deep reaches of Null Sec to Various Low Sec space. We have recently come back to our roots in the Gallente Federation and have reincarnated The Bastard Cartel [T.B.C]! We are holding it down in the Essence region and have found ourselves in the middle of multiple conflicts. There is no shortage of content!

Recruitment is, and will stay open! We are recruiting EVERYONE! Spies are welcome! You’ll probably like it here more anyway…

What We Offer:

  • Faction Warefare - Gallente
  • Access to JF Courier Services
  • Inclusive and competitive Corporate Buyback Services
  • A Corp with Loads of experience
  • An active Community
  • Guides to help new players

Our Requirements:

  • Friendly Attitude and PVP Focused
  • Minimal 1 million skillpoints
  • Self Sufficient making Isk
  • English Speaking
  • Must Be Willing to Learn
  • Active at least 2+ Nights a week during USTZ (2300-0400)
  • 2 Week Trial Period

Join our in game channel “MS Recruitment”
Join our public Discord: Mostly Sober

See you in space!

We are still actively recruiting! Come say hello: Mostly Sober

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Come Bois, It is always good time to squat

10/10, highly recommend. Is the third time I’ve come back to Chuck’s loving embrace.

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We’re active and on comms nightly - Its not all just FW - We fly realboi ships and fleets as well outside of the warzone

The warzone provides…come get in on the action! - Mostly Sober

Moros | Spirit keeper | Killmail | zKillboard


Still recruiting, Looking for buff dudes with YUGE traps.

If ya’ll seen the Leprechaun say yeeeahhhhhhh - or just join Mostly Sober

Come cause a ruckus with us


Kind of interested. First day back in 9 years. Setting up a sub or whatever omega clone it may be considered in the morning. I vaguely remember faction warfare while in red vs blue.

Friendly bump. Bastard Cartel always gives a good fight

Fun little skirmish the other night - Small gang FTW


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