Mostly Sober is Recruiting

We are Mostly Sober [FU84R], heavy on the Mostly, and are part of the Premiere USTZ Alliance Nullsechnaya Sholupen [NSH].

Mostly Sober has been seen across New Eden for 8 Years, spanning from the deep reaches of Null Sec to Various Low Sec space. Chances are we’ve seen it, done it, or had it done to us.

For a limited period of time, we are looking to recruit some more pilots to join our ranks.

Our Requirements:

  • Friendly Attitude and PVP Focused
  • Self Sufficient making Isk (SRP on a case by case basis)
  • Must be able to fly our Doctrines. Battleships, HACs, Logistics, etc
  • Must have a Useful Alt (Usefulness can be negotiable)
  • Active at least 2+ Nights a week between 0000-0400

You can either join our in game channel “MS Recruitment”, You can slide into my DM’s on Discord “[FU84R] MrChuckNorris#8562”, or you can join our corp discord: Mostly Sober

See you soon!

One of us… One of us… One of us…

Check us out today!

Check us out today!

We are still looking for suitable pilots. Come join our team today!

We are still actively recruiting. Come say hi

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