Mostly Sober is Recruiting

We are Mostly Sober [FU84R], heavy on the Mostly, and are part of the Premiere USTZ Alliance Elysians [2GLRY].

Mostly Sober has been seen across New Eden for the last 8 Years, spanning from the deep reaches of Null Sec to Various Low Sec space. And for a limited period of time, we are looking to recruit new pilots to join our ranks.

What we have to offer

  • Keepstar Access
  • Direct range from Jita
  • Corporate Buyback
  • Corporate and Alliance Moons
  • Access to Pochven
  • Fly under some of Eve’s best FC’s in the game
  • Sov space with nearby low sec with multiple lvl 5 agents
  • A LOT of PVP action

Our Requirements:

  • Friendly Attitude and PVP Focused
  • Self Sufficient making Isk
  • ~ 10m SP (Must be able to fly something for our Doctrines. Faction BS, HAC, Logistics)
  • Must have a Useful Alt. Dictor, HIC, Recon, Dread, Fax, Carrier, etc
  • Active at least 2+ times a week during prime time (0000-0500)

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