[FU84R] Mostly Sober - Super Chill Sov Null PvP

We are actively recruiting both our USTZ and EUTZ! Looking for some new blood for corp and to expand our community! Come check us out! Speak to one of our recruiters today!


Come on over, be a BASTARD!

You know you want to


A couple of kill mails from today


Titan/Super Bait :smiley:

Join MS-Public ingame or our discord

New battle report added. Come join the fun!

Come check us out today!


More dunks were had! Come fly with us!

Come shoot Supers with us

Wait, what??

If your looking for an active null sec pvp corp housed in a pvp driven alliance, look no further! Drop into our in game channel “MS-Public” TODAY!!!

Check the above video! We’re recruiting US/EU dudes to help towards our shenanigans

Come be a Bastard!!

Great corp, Ive enjoyed my time here. Chuck only makes us sing a random song once a week.

Were looking for bloodthirsty pvpers! drop by our pub channel today and speak with one of our recruiters for more information!

We’re currently on a big recruitment push! If you enjoying a relaxed PVP community come join :slight_smile:

You like shooting people? We do too! Lets go shoot people together! Join our in game channel “MS-Public” today!

I like turtles