FUN Inc. - Putting the fun back into EVE


O7 to any EU guys looking for small gang nullsec pvp!

07 for the eu kru!


BUMP for EU TZ guys!

Last nights roam was a blast!

loki engagement >>

H-ADOC engagement >>

Why not come and fly with us?

Bump for some new EU guys!

Why not come see what real FUN is about!


We’ve had a few more EU guys joining us… why not come take a look and see what all the fuss & FUN is about?


Bump for more EU dudes!

Come join us!

Looking for EU dudes now!!

This is the sort of fun we have on each roam!

FUN inc is recruiting… come check us out!

Oi you!

Yes you!

You said you want FUN?

FUN inc is recruiting!

Come check us out!

BUMP! - so we’ve been having some great roams recently, but we are still looking for EU tz small gang pvpers - who love roaming into nullsec!

If you fit the bill - why not come and join us?

Bump for more EU guys!

O7 to anyone who may be looking!

Come fly with us! :slight_smile:




Look at the FUN that we’ve been having! :smiley: