Funny starting venture miner is a better combat ship then my abaddon

how is it possible that a battle ship loses against asteroid field pirates and while im venting why is it deep scan shows the ship of a corp member but not the ice field shes mining.ive spent days trying to get deepscan to work without any luck

Setup your D-scan so that it displays the same type of objects as your current overview tab. Now you can scan for specific things, without endless clutter.

Then fix your overview tabs. The default settings are downright awful.

Many corps and alliances will have a link to the custom overview that their players use.


Dscan (Directional Scanner) doesn’t show a lot of things, it won’t show asteroids or basic NPC. You can however try and deduce where things are by changing the direction of the scanner from 360 to a cone and them “aim” that cone at locations that you might suspect something to be in. Go watch a YT guide or two on the subject.

For your Abaddon question, it all depends on what kind of “asteroid field pirates” they were. There are some npc in the belts you really don’t want to attack (one type has its name start with a diamond but there’s also other scary options). Also an Abaddon isn’t exactly easy to use or versatile.

Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes being smaller makes it easier to survive. Especially a small agile fast Venture with extra warp core strength can escape much more easily than a battleship like the Abaddon.

About your directional scanner: it can only show certain objects like ships, probes, deployables, wrecks and does so based on the filters you use for your directional scanner.

No, the directional scanner will not show you ice belts or anomalies, but you can see those in your probe window.

A nice trick: set your directional scanner to a 5 degree scan, press the d-scan button but don’t release, then click a belt, gate or anomaly. You now get a scan of the ships nearby that location. This is very useful if you want find a ship or want to check if a gate is not camped.


I am guessing it’s a combination of a bad ship fitting/bad piloting of said ship and low skill points for the ship

talking with a corp member last night i was expressing my disappointment with the ships abilities.i come to find out battleships are intentionally designed to not be able to hit smaller ships.i changed the ships name to “completely misses” in honor of its greatest talent.Unfortunanately i cant get back the wasted isk or time ive spent training useless skills to pilot plan was to go into low sec but thats not going to happen with a ship that cant hit anything using a scanner i call cant find chit.any suggestions on a good ship for low sec?im all ears

I think you are missing the role of drones in this regard. Pay attention to the different drones’ attributes; this is important…

Not necessarily true. There are piloting techniques that let battleship guns hit frigates. But it requires positioning (distance) and maybe speed for transversal matching, and knowing your ammo. To know those, you’d have to understand turret physics in Eve, and build an intuition how things like signature radius and transversal velocity affect it.

I get the sense you’re a newer pilot, hopefully you’ve found someone willing to mentor you on these mechanics, because so long as you ignore them, other pilot’s techniques may lead them to better shoot you than you could shoot them in a roles-reversed scenario.

For what purpose? If it is to shoot other players, T1 frigates will do.

You can sell the ship to get the ISK back.

The time spent training into the battleship isn’t necessarily wasted and those skills aren’t useless; battleships are situationally very strong, just not always. Sometimes you want to fly smaller ships because they’re more agile, cheaper and faster. But sometimes you may want to fly a battleship to deal with a fight. Especially Marauders (like for example a Paladin) can be really powerful against NPCs - if you eventually want to fly one of those you’ll be glad you already have Amarr battleship and large energy turret skills. Or a Redeemer in PvP, those also benefit from the skills you’ve trained.

And a Venture has the built in warp stab.

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the venture was destroyed tonight.i went into low sec to mine because necessary minerals have been relocated there for some reason.i lasted about 15 manufacture you need the minerals.minerals that are forever beyond your grasp in low sec.with the other obstacles ive already mentioned im running out of things to do

I’ll give you a fast tip regarding transversal and guns:

Fly in the same direction and speed of your target.

You do this by watching your enemies ships and mavouvering. Sitting still is always bad, so you might as well fly smart.

That also explains why things coming straight at you (npc frig rats) can be instapopped if they’re far enough.

Once you’ve done some digging on the web you know why this works and use you guns better. Watching and manual piloting will also allow you to slingshot out of webs, points etc.

Enjoy EVE!


I guess that’s the way how most players start into Eve. Now you are at the point to decide if you want to accept the challenges of Eve or look for another game. Eve is a harsh world and nothing is given easily.

And I guarantee you that most players had the very same issues in the beginning, me included (this is more or less a rarely used alt).

For the first point, as others have already written: Bigger is not always better. Imagine a small bird circling around you in 2 meters/yards/whatever. You would have a very hard time to hit it with a long, heavy sniper rifle. You just couldn’t follow its movements fast enough to take proper aim. Now imagine the same bird 25 meters away, flying directly towards you. You could take proper aim, don’t even need to follow any sideway (angular) movements. Much easier, right?

Same principle in Eve. A battleships has large guns. These guns have amazing firepower but they cannot turn very fast. They can still hit frigates, but mostly when they are still far enough away or moving directly towards you. With some practice you can learn how to fly your ship to increase the chances. Bascially flying away from them in a straight line should help a lot. If your ship is fast enough, that is…

Otherwise use a smaller ship with smaller weapons or use light drones (all battleships can carry some). For Highsec belts, the 2 small drones of a Venture should be enough to deal with belt rats. Except you encounter “diamond” rats or Triglavians. Check the Agency for “Pirate Strongholds” before you start mining. If one is in the system, don’t mine there! Same is true for systems with Triglavians in it.

For the mining part in Lowsec: Sure, it may seem like a requirement to mine there. But it isn’t. If you need minerals like Isogen, Nocxium and such, just buy them from the market for now. The ecosystem of Eve is designed in a way that no region has all materials. Trading is necessary. Meaning you can mine highsec ores all day long, sell them and buy whatever else you need. Later, when you have more experience, you can also try to get everything yourself. It’s a fun challenge but only very few people do that. The sheer amount of materials and their distribution across all areas and empires is just too big.

For your basic needs you don’t even need to mine at all. You can fit a cheap destroyer and run combat anomalies (Hideaways, Refuges and such). In Minmatar and Gallente space you will find “pink” modules from time to time, containing around 4 million worth of minerals if you reprocess them. Or just sell and buy what you need, as you prefer.

Congrats, you did something maybe 50% of the player base will never do: go outside of high sec. So you lost a ship, which sucks. However, you gained the actual lived experience of having gone out to low sec. Perhaps you learned something from the incident, so that next time you are harder to catch. You can put that lesson into action and try again.

That’s the beauty of Eve: you’re likely to lose ships, but you get to grow and apply new lessons learned for the next go around, which improves you as a pilot which is how to progress in this game.

I also recommend looking for a good and active corporation that actively mentors newer pilots. Avoid the corps that have thousands or tens of thousands of pilots with taxes set, they are traps. There’s no problem shopping around and talking to different corp recruiters. A good group of people will help take the rough edges off the game.

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venture cant do that


okay if you are rich but dont want buy omega

buy armageddon navy issue fit 8 expanded cargoholds II then fit 2x t2 cargohold expansion rig and one t1 same type. mid slots. you want to put there survey scanner maybe 100mn afterburner and two cap rechargers… since alphas cant go mining drones put combat ones. it will work … ohh about mining lasers - try to get the faction ones like wild miner or ore miner :smiley: less waste factor. or residue.

if you are poor. buy praxis and repeat the fitting like with armageddon navy issue.
same schematics just less mining lasers but still pack alot more cargo. more than venture,can survive in 1.0 - 0.7 systems easily and suicide ganking mining praxis is not very frequent but do happen. plus you can fit on praxis some shield modules

gas mining gnosis
same as above but fit 5 gas miners if you have skills to max… whats problem? you cant use 6 because skill is capped at 5 so even if you fit 8 gas miners on armageddon navy you cant use the remaining 3.

alphas cant mine ice thoo.

The gas-Gnosis advice is not great.

The 5 gas scoops on a Gnosis only outperforms a Venture with equivalent gas scoops if Mining Frigate is trained to III or below. At Mining Frigate IV and above, the time reduction of the 2 Gas Scoops and the 100% yield role bonus on the Venture makes its performance equal (at IV) or better (at V) than the Gnosis’ 5 scoops.

Even with Mining Frigate at III or below, the venture comes with a 5k Mining Hold that the Gnosis has to spend all its low slots and most rig slots to equal. The venture is also more agile, warps 40% faster, comes with warp stability – which can be further increased by fitting a warp core stab in the low slots it has available – and the hull only costs <1% of the hull cost of a Gnosis. So someone starting out with gas sites can pay their Venture off much more quickly than a Gnosis, warp around to sites faster, get out if there’s trouble more easily (especially in low, null, & WH gas sites), and generally do the short train to Mining Frigate IV in the meantime. Additionally, crafty capsuleers can fit a Venture to passively tank against the gas explosions in the nullsec gas sites.

For gas harvesting, yield is far less prominent compared to mining because of the logistics of finding, getting to, and getting out of the gas sites.

about the only thing i hadnt tried were anomalies.i tried that tonight.several sites i discovered were the usual pirate stuff but then i found a wormhole.that was fun and exciting right up until another player came through and killed me.the skill point system is geared around giving older players an insurmountable much so newer players literally have no chance.lets see if ive missed anything.exploring…nope,mining…nope,combat…lol hell no,missions…lord id do myself not sure i want to pay to play a game thats designed to give me no chance to win.who wants to play a game you cant win

Just so you’re aware, “winning at Eve” has long been community jargon that means “quitting the game”.

You and everyone else playing Eve are losing together – including me. We’re all losing the game.

I highly recommend acting upon the corporation / finding a mentor advice I gave up thread.

You can buy them on the market if you don’t have the skills (player skill, not SP) yet to get them yourself from low sec. Or you could try to figure out how you mine safely in lowsec