Fury and Love Heavy Industrial Corporation Recruiting!

Fury and Love is a “Heavy Industry Market Maker” corporation open to all players new to old. We build regional markets from scratch!
√ Top 5 Producing Region In All Of EVE !!
√ Use of Corporate Blueprints to help get you started on your industrial career
√ BuyBack Program so you dont have to do the hauling !
√ High Sec Moon Mining. More valuable than static belts
√ Access to Vast Regions of Null Sec Wealth of All Kinds
√ All Play Styles Accepted from Miners to Combat
√ New Player Friendly
√ No Requirements Except That You Have Fun
√ Profitable Trade Routes Between Jita and Corp HQ so youll always have a client to trade to :slight_smile:
** Must Not Have Negative Triglavian Standings

You must also join FURLO Public Recruiting chat in game for interview process.

Thank You, Fly Safe

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