Heavy Industry / Market Maker Corp Looking For Nullsec Home

Fury and Love Corporation [FURLO] is a “heavy industry” “market maker” corporation, able to create and stock regional markets to the tune of tens to hundreds of billions of isk. T1, T2, Capital and Super Capital capable. If you need your supply lines or markets boosted, we can definitely do that for you. we are not looking to join an alliance but rather Blue standings, with docking / industry / market access as well as ability to rat / mine / explore the nullsec wealth to fuel the industry. This way we could operate freely in high sec, fuel the industry while not risking being at war to disrupt the operations. Email “Warriors Fury” or “Warriors Love” to discuss opportunities, or join our recruiting chat “FURLO Public Recruiting”

Thank You

AARP Alliance

We are a sovereignty holding, null security alliance living in [immensea]. We are an alliance focused on PvP, Industry, and Production in many areas. We’re an easy going, welcoming, but dedicated group that is working towards growth both internally and externally.

We have goals for our corps as a whole. We help Old and New players grow in EvE through measurable goals and objectives. Rewarded by achievement and promotion. You have the chance to take the reigns in what you do best. We promote from within through dedicated knowledge and service.

Shoot pods, rocks, or spreadsheets we do it all…

Please contackt @Choc_talar for more info

Greetings Evilsummit

Warriors Fury mail sent in case it takes your interest.

Hit me up Rots Mijnwerker #5566

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