[FW Lowsec PVP] Hounds of War. Recruiting!

Hounds of War. is a corporation in the alliance Hashashin Cartel getting back into the swing of Minmatar faction warfare. So we’re looking for players of all skill levels interested in joining us for some pew pew out in lowsec. Some basic points about us:

-Real life comes first corp attitude
-Close-knit group
-New player friendly
-Piracy - the only thing we don’t shoot is our fellow militia
-Daily small gang pvp
-Small industrial wing
-Experienced members and fc’s
-US timezone

We don’t require anything from our members, except that they sign in to eve-hr before we accept their application. Otherwise you’re free to do what you want within the corp, we are trying to fly gallente comps, although we can work around any issues new players have while training those skills.

If this interests you, stop on by our public channel: “DEC Public”, talk to one of our recruiters and get to know people, and fly safe o7.

We’re still looking for fresh blood!

Come get in on the non stop small gang pvp!

How do you guys feel about live streaming fleets nad plexing?

I used to play with Hounds of War back in 2009, are you guys willing to bring me back on?

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