FYAD - A very old corporation is looking for a new alliance home

I’ll keep this brief as I have a tendency to drone on and ramble.

My Corporation is pretty old, and as we’ve gotten older, most of us have moved to the casual side of Eve Online. Gone is the era of obscene activity and aggressive space jobs. We do what we must, but we keep it to the game being a game as much as we can. We are exclusively USTZ (late, and a few AUTZ) with zero EUTZ presence. Our average age is probably around the 30 mark, and we enjoy mostly PvP, though there are a few industrial minds among us, and people who are used to making ISK via ratting. We are looking for a sov nullsec home. Our primary concern is to have access to pvp content but with a structure that allows us to not feel guilty about playing other games as our community/corp frequently does. Less important, but still on the list, is the ability to make ISK.

We have quite a few pilots that have the skills required for most groups to fly supers, and even a few titan pilots, though everyone offloaded their supers and titans prior to us leaving Great Wildlands. We also have a lot pilots that can fly dreads/have multiple dread alts, in addition to FAX. I would say our activity, after joining an alliance and soothing the burnout, could easily go in the 15-20 active range.

We’ve been in a bit of a drought the past ~6 months. After Phoenix Federation died, quite a few of us took a break from the game, burnout being real and all. We started doing some shenanigans in highsec with wardecs, and eventually got back into pirating with some old friends from way back when. There are a lot of people in the corp waiting for our return to nullsec as it’s the space we know, and get most excited about. Our apparent inactivity is not as deep as it seems.

I’m a pretty open book when it comes to questions. We’ve been in a few sizeable alliances, and we’re ready to get back to what made the game great for us, null-sec combat and the comraderies that developed from those exploits.

I’m not interested in joining a wormhole alliance, a lowsec alliance, or an alliance living in NPC nullsec. We’ve done all of that, some very recently, and it doesn’t really fit the corporations’ playstyle at the moment.

Feel free to reply here or evemail me in-game, you can also add me on Discord: Maulth#3255

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Will you be available in game right now? Is it okay if I convo you?

I will likely be online for a few hours while messing around in GW2.

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Still looking.

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Just checking the forums before I go to work. I will mail you tomorrow.

Cyno.Up Alliance
Your Time Zone
Null Sec
PVP and Indy in null-sec with our Allies. No rent. No pressure. Return to your roots – a game should be fun attitude. We are a community who has not forgotten that Real Life does come first. No kidding. Really. Play the game, don’t let the game play you. Make ISK. Lots of it. Cheaper resources plus low taxes plus less competitive markets = good profits. Very good profits.
Room to breathe. Learn PvP at your own pace. We will help. Participate in a fun community or play quietly on your own, your choice.
Plenty of opportunities for never-ending jokes at each other’s expense.
Sense of humour is a plus and Salty banter and bad jokes are welcome.

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Hi again - I sent you an eve mail please. My Alliance Seniors would like to have a convo with you please, Its all in the mail.

Kind Regards,

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Hey, well if you are looking to get back into Null you should consider joining The Serenity Initiative.
We are located in Tenerifis and have all TZ´s and room for all sorts of players.

With respect Aideron

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Thanks for he replies so far. I should also add that I have ZERO desire to join a rental entity.

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Hiya - did you make contact with Jack?

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