Returning USTZ Player Looking for Active Null-Sec Corp

I’ve been playing EVE off and on since 2005 but have been mostly away since 2015. Know very little about EVE as it is today but am excited to get back in and learn.

I would like to find an active corp that has daily/weekly options for corp or alliance fleet ops/gangs/roams. Would also love to get some guidance on manufacturing/research/PI, so having indy people who like to teach would be great. Otherwise, I’ll occupy myself with ratting or exploration when a fleets not up.

I have 320m sp spread over 6 pilots: 3 combat pilots (70m, 90m, and 90m) that between them can fly most combat ships, cap and sub-cap. Also have a jump freighter pilot (30m) and a research/refining/construction capable pilot (40m).

My assumption is that I want to be in a corp in a larger null-sec corp/sov holding alliance for the variety of the fleet options. But I’m not ruling out WH space or smaller corps/alliances if it makes sense.

I want to find a community that’s mature, non-toxic and that doesn’t promote bigotry. I will meet participation requirements and I’m happy to support corp priorities and activities.

Looking for USTZ primarily but am open to others as I am generally unavailable during US weekday evenings (22:00 to 3:00 UTC). So, either daytime or late night US EST would work best.

Not sure what else to include, so let me know if you’d like to talk. Cheers.

We might fit the bill


Our corporation would most likely fill up with all your needs.Even if our alliance is not part of a major null sec block or coalition, it covers well every timezone and has people online at any time.As a corp, we are pvp oriented and also diving into pretty much every aspect of null sec life ( ratting/escalations/ore mining/moon mining/pi and also a bit of manufacturing ).We have some corporation goals that we are looking to achieve, aswell as mature and real life friendly.

This is how our corporation advert looks like, so if anything from up here might look good for you, you can find us on discord ready for a chat.


Welcome back to EVE, Zerke, it’s a very interesting time to play. Lots of things have changed since you last played, and we here in Gildinous Vangaurd are more than happy to help you get reacquainted.

GILDI is part of the Initiative, a longrunning entity in sov null.

The specifics can be found in our recruiting post, so, let me focus on your needs and interests.

At both the corp and alliance level there are frequent fleets for PvP and PvE; we have plenty of folks that have expertise in mining, manufacturing, ratting, and PI. Our leadership is very involved both up and down channel. Our goal is to foster an environment where our folks want to log in and play/participate.

We are definitely not okay with toxic behavior (including bigotry) and aim for a low-drama corp atmosphere. The majority of our members are in EU and NA TZs.

I’d love to have a chat with you whenever we can arrange it; wherever you wind up, I hope it’s a good fit.

You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

7o Zerke - Check out what Council of Exiles has to offer. We live in sov nullsec and are part of the Brave Alliance, Goonswarm Coalition. We have a balance of everything eve has to offer, PVE, PVP, exploration and a very active standing fleet with comms (our community is strong!).

Whatever corporation you choose, fly safely and have fun.


Hey Zerke
My name is Haconen
I am with the Dystopian Angels.

We are a PvP NullSec Corp that Operates in AllSec and WH space.
We also have a strong Indy arm with multiple Moons and Structures for Production and Reactions .
Our TZs are primarily UKTZ & USTZ , with a solid core for AUSTZ like myself.

We like to treat the Corp as a Hangout/Meet up , just a place to get EVE task done and talk with like minded people.
If you are interested, jump into Discord for a chat. The D.A.

The DA Youtube :

For anymore info, check out our EVE Forums , and if not for the info, stay for the pictures .
Dystopian Angels [DA] NULL PVP (EU/US/AU) Tactics over Numbers

Fly Fast Fly Dangerous

Mods please close. Found a corp. Thank you all.

We could be what you’re looking for

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