GalaxyFinder - Mapper Updates

I haven’t been the greatest to give updates around GalaxyFinder outside of my Discord but wanted to start supplying updates from when I originally posted here

Huge changes were introduced, especially in the new v5.0.0 RC. Here is the change log of some of the changes and new features since last posted.

Rewrote the entire map

  • JSPlumb => ReactFlow
  • Add in the ability to expand and collapse chains
  • You can now drag and pan the map
  • Hovering/Active connections now lighten the inner path instead of the outer
  • You can now disable auto layout
    • This allows you to drag and drop nodes
    • Nodes are no longer reset to layout position when something changes
  • Vastly improved performance around node rendering/re-rendering
    • Auto layout doesn’t run as often
    • Changing connection states, overlays or anything won’t trigger the layout anymore
    • Adding a new node or connection are the only thing that trigger auto layout now
  • Connections are all now custom SVGs allowing for much more customization and flexibility

Added in new labels for connections (Bubbled, Camped)

  • They can be applied to both Stargate and Wormhole connections

Location Behavior has been improved

  • All of your characters on your account will now show
  • Regardless of their access to the maps, since they are alts they will always appear
  • Locations micro-service has been updated to try and make it less heavy on ESI
  • Added in some new fields pushed to the database for more future location based improvements

Added a new follow me setting

  • Enable it from the settings drawer (saves the setting between sessions)
  • When you’re in-game location changes or a system is added to the map it auto focuses it for you
  • This should allow you to keep the intel panel open and just watch the information no site interaction needed

Added a new system details Intel Panel

  • Graph showing off hourly statistics for the last 24 hours (kills and jumps)
    • Potential to be longer history if enough interest
    • Hovering over the chart will show you the details and timestamps
  • Faction Warfare information if available (updated every 30 minutes)
    • Shows current owner, status, and if contested the percentage it is at
  • Shows the sov of a system if that information is available
    • Updated from ESI every hour (shows alliance if available or corp if not)
  • Shows available stargates for the selected system, if available
  • Shows the closest blue loot hub
    • Icon and number of jumps are shown
    • Hovering shows the name of the systems
    • Right click allows you to set your waypoint to that system

You can now edit connection state from the signature edit dialog

  • If a connection can be found that is linked to the signature a second panel will appear
  • From here you will be able to edit mass, EoL, size
  • Changes go into effect immediately you don’t have to press update

New ESI notification

  • If your scopes expire or ESI fails to refresh your token this notification will appear
  • Notifies you when your scopes have been revoked and locations and other things will stop working

Account Management Revamp

  • To improve the account experience the management system has been redone
  • Login flow now handles more errors properly and has a new more intuitive design
  • You can now close accounts that you might have made from registering multiple times
  • Added in links to tools along with my new Work in Progress tool New Eden Map
  • Laying some groundwork for some account information pages (like scanning analytics)

Error Logging has been added

  • To better keep track of errors that happen to users Bugsnag has been implemented
  • This allows me to see StackTraces that happen to users as well as stability/performance reports
  • This way even if people don’t report things I might be able to better catch issues happening


  • Triglavian systems no longer show the button
  • Creating a new map will no longer show an empty map until you refresh
  • Pathfinder button now properly closes the drawer if you click it again
  • Pathfinder and Intel buttons now have proper visual indicators when they are open
  • The character drawer had design cleanup, so hover states and selection properly work
  • Footer height was fixed so it doesn’t show a scroll indicator when no scrolling is available

Make sure to join the discord and follow the changelog channel for latest changes, and the giveaway channel for chances to win some goodies. Also feel free to leave feedback or ideas and continue the conversation, it helps me come up with new ideas!