[GalFed] A Statement of Condemnation of the so-called "Gallentia Primacy"

I don’t engage with the IGS as much as maybe I should but I will happily endorse whole heartedly the utter annihilation of the Gallentia Primacy.

I can con firm joint IPI forces have engaged and disrupted at least one of their operations.

I would reach out to any interested parties to perform joint operations of eradication of these forces.


When I will need an opinion of an unintelligent amoral type who harbors dishonorable traitors, I’ll leave you a notification. Until that time I suggest you avoiding addressing me directly or waste my precious time otherwise. Thank you in advance.

We disagree.

We left because it was necessary to preserve our culture, as it can not be preserved under foreign occupation. Whether by choice or due to circumstances, those who stayed behind did not do what was necessary. Not during the war, and not afterwards. If one does not do one’s part one should not have a claim to being a part of the whole.

The only difference I perceive between State Caldari and Disenfranchised, is that one pulls their weight, and the other does not.


A telling statement. And ironic, to call the only Caldari in the cluster who have inalienable rights to political self determination and freedom of expression “Disenfranchised.”

You don’t realize this, but it is precisely because of the Provists and your ilk that those of us in the Federation with Caldari heritage have seen for ourselves the rot and corruption in the State. Before Heth launched his invasion pro-State sentiment simmered most places on Caldari Prime. Resentment towards ethic Gallente like my mother on the planet was commonplace. Often for good reason. It was easy back then to scoff at the supposed freedoms of Federation rule when so much opportunity seemed denied.

Then Heth and his Provists brought fire and death to Gallente and Caldari alike. It wasn’t Gallente trickery that convinced the Caldari inhabitants of the Homeworld to take up arms against the State. It was jackbooted Provist thugs murdering respected Caldari like my father. Leaders like Shaileen Ramnev stood up and brought Caldari and Gallente alike together to defend our communities against Dragonaur terrorism. After generations apart they saw the true face of what it meant to the State to be Caldari. And they resisted.

Now the whole Federation has seen the heroism of the Joint Resistance Movement during the Provist Occupation. Far from not pulling their weight, our Caldari brethren like Commander Adams and Shaileen Ramnev are now leading the fight.

That’s why movements like the U-Nats and Gallente Primacy are doomed to fail. Our Federation’s greatest heroes are those who unite us behind a shared vision of freedom for all. All of us, not just the few deemed worthy by corporate oligarchs or noble houses.

That’s why Liberty marches on, and that’s why the State will never hold it back.


There is nothing ironic about it. We were a part of the Federation for a very long time. We are familiar with the Gallenteans pushing legislation through the Senate, knowing that we did not want it, but that we lacked the numbers to vote it down. There is no point in being a part of an interstellar union if your voice is ignored but their laws still get forced on you. When the Gallenteans demanded our worlds out of fear of competition, we told them that enough was enough and walked out of the Senate. When they resorted to violence to bring us back in line, we showed them how far we were willing to go to retain our right to determine our destiny.

After a hundred years of war, the Federation got the message and recognized our independence. The State was, is, and probably will be the only Caldari nation which is independent, both de-facto and de-jure. The price for that independence is never-ending vigilance, in the form of an economy and military capable of deflecting direct and indirect attempts to bring us back into line. This is why we will never see the Federation’s vassal polities as equals to the State, even if their populations are identical to us. They might be Civire, or Deteis, or any number of kin-groups native to Caldari Prime, but if they were Caldari, they would be here with us. The fact is that they are not here with us, and have not undertaken any action that contributes to the preservation of our independence.

Having covered the segment of history which you left out, let us move on to your over-emphasis on the Providence Directorate. Heth was a populist who rose to power by complaining about the decadence of the status quo. That in and of itself was not bad because austerity has been a virtue of the Caldari people since the days before we met outsiders. The problem with Heth was that he was also an insane ultra-nationalist prone to violence who trod on the right to self-rule of the Megacorporations by forcing them to obey his will. In many regards, he was no different from Luc Duvailer. So if you want to pretend that all of us are like that man, perhaps you should take a look in the mirror.

And how did this man manage to appoint himself Executor, a position which did not exist before Heth, and has not existed after him? Heth filled a power vacuum and manipulated public outrage. Who created that power vacuum and the public outrage? The Federation did, when they murdered Gariushi and countless other innocent people by ramming a carrier into the Ishukone headquarters in the Malkalen system under the pretense of a diplomatic mission. Gariushi’s tenure was a period of unprecedented prosperity for Ishukone. It was also a period of unprecedented deconfliction with the Federation, as Gariushi’s success made us the most influential of the Megas.

We did not want Gariushi to die and be replaced by Heth. Using a diplomatic mission as a trick to assassinate the most beloved leader in decades paved the way for Heth. Heth turned the armed forces that were supposed to be our shield into his personal sword, then went on a mad quest to avenge a man who championed peace, to reclaim a world we chose to sacrifice to maintain our independence. Ishukone was the only megacorporation that managed to resist Heth, because we refused to betray Gariushi’s legacy despite the Federation’s stab in the back. The sanctions Heth imposed upon us nearly drove us to bankruptcy.

And now here you are, praising Adams, a man who turned his back on Ishukone during its darkest hour, whilst we were resisting the Provists. If he does not want to be one of us during the bad times, he has no right to call himself one of us during the good times.

Here you are, claiming that the Fed is some protagonist from a fable who slew the big bad. It was the Chief Executive Panel who unanimously voted to remove Heth from power and brand him and the Provists as terrorists, not the Federal Senate. The SAF and the CSF besieged and broke the Provist holdouts, not the Federal Navy. We restored the status quo ourselves. What remains unchanged is that your interstellar union with the unspoken “but some are more equal than others” caviat is just as unwelcome as the Provists are.

Our goal is to defend our independence, as it guarantees our way of life. The antics of outsiders are not our problem as long as they do not seek to damage us. If the deranged U-Nat revivalists which this thread was originally about cross into our territory, they will discover that we have been preparing for another Duvailer for longer than any of them have been alive.


Without going into a tangent about how I could disagree with the entirety of your written post, and believe me, if I desired to I could. The notion that the Malkalen Disaster was anything more than the actions of a lunatic is absurdly conspiratorialist, and is a disservice to those that perished that day. As for your interpretation of history, well, where does one begin. I will keep it short and sweet though.

I was present during the Siege of Haatomo in FC230/YC115, when the deposed Executor attempted to abscond with numerous Caldari Navy warships in an ill-advised attempt to reclaim Caldari/Cephalin. I played my part at the time in expunging the State of its Provist taint, as you can well see now. I am not sure when you think I defected, but I can assure you that I stood fast against the Providence Directorate when it mattered, amongst those that also remained loyal to the Chief Executive Panel and not the Office of the Executor. Had we failed, we all would have been exiled or worse, extinguished, a fate that also would have likely befell our Lines.

There is a lot you can accuse me of being, and what I am. My journey has not been in alignment with the State for years, with ever increasing disillusionment over my final years as a State Citizen. I’ve actively fought against the State to counter its designs upon the Federation for over three years now, as a citizen-soldier and a loyalist of the Union.

But do not twist the truth. I understand it may difficult for you all not to, but please try.


Sadly, my eyes glazed over before I could finish even the first paragraph of what I’m sure was a very fine diatribe. I don’t blame your writing, its just that I’ve read it all before too many times to be interested. Eventually I was able to skim, and wished I hadn’t.

Scratch a Statist, and the aggrieved victimhood bleeds out over everything like a severed artery.

Maybe if the Amarrians made Gariushi a Saint some of you would finally cease martyring yourselves alongside him.

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I’ve always found the best way to deal with State sycophants and dotards is to be so shameless you’re beyond chastisement.

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Once more, it seems, a lack of self awareness is put on display in this thread.

Did you not go on a long tirade in your previous post about how damaging the Provists were and presenting that, somehow, as something to justify your opposition to the Caldari State?
We were the ones that deposed Heth and hunted down his loyalists. His most prominent officers, aboard stolen capital assets, were eliminated swiftly. The small fries that were able to trickle through, fleeing State territories? Well, you will find them among your comrades, who took them in with open arms.



Ah-- Ms. Malitia? Can I ask what you’re referring to here? Ordinarily I’d expect Templis (or their Provist fellow travelers) and Gallentean … basically anything … to mix like water and elemental potassium.

Or maybe like oil and anti-oil.

You will find that the ranks of Vero’s comrades are quite welcoming of Provists.


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Is … there … something here that should scream “Provists” to me?

I’m seeing “Guristas” but that’s not exactly a straight line from Templis/Provist.

(Sansha might be, depending on how many of the poor fools Nation took alive…)

(“Guristas” is a little eyebrow-raising itself, mind.)

It is a well documented fact that the majority of rogue provist elements folded into the Guristas after their expulsion.

Did they? …

Hm. I suppose that’s a natural step for a rogue entity in exile, though it also kind of gives up on the usual Templis goal set. Maybe that’s the point. A pragmatic pirate entity like the Guristas would definitely have use for a pack of armed militants in ill-favor with their home nation, and never mind the politics.

I don’t think you’d find them very ideologically Provist, though. That attitude’s generally better represented by, say, Ms. Kim. (In concentrated form, even.)

My point was that the very same pilot that was earlier going on about how the Provist rule hurt them and how Heth’s regime is somehow a reason to oppose those who deposed and hunted him down, threw her lot with the Guristas, who currently host most of the surviving Provists, and started aiding their raids against the Federation at the first opportunity.

If I didn’t know any better, I would think she opposes the Chief Executive Panel because they persecuted the Provists.

I do recall reading her public dossier, and she was no shrinking violet when expressing her displeasure with the Caldari, and moreso disturbing, her apparent pleasure with causing harm and violence to the Caldari people.

It’s no surprise that she would join the Guristas.


If there is evidence which confirms that Admiral Noir was acting against the wishes of his superiors, I am willing to review it. His statements and record prior to the incident do suggest that what he did was uncharacteristic, but it is difficult to imagine a situation in which a serviceperson of that rank would act against the interests of the whole as expressed within orders from above.

I seem to have fixated on the fact that you defected, rather than the “when”. I do not have the clearance, nor the training, nor the time, to dig into other people’s past. So I simply asked myself “Why would someone defect?” and “Heth” was the only rational answer I could come up with. Since this presumption has not survived contact with the log you have presented, I apologize for the statement.

I do not view it as victimhood. At the core I believe that every people has the right to self-determination. Reality, however, is that the other peoples of the cluster will only respect that wish if you are willing to work, bleed and die for it. I do not recount old times to extract restitution for unresolved grievances. Both our lack of self-determination and our Heth problem were resolved. I recount old times because one must not let anyone forget how these problems came to be, and the costs incurred in solving them. In the case of fellow citizens, this can be to remind them that they have an obligation to conduct themselves with the same level of resolve and integrity as their ancestors, both in their daily lives, and if we are called upon to defend what we stand for once more. In your case I just assumed you did not know and proceeded to inform.

Conduct yourself with maturity.

In fairness, there is a non-zero amount of Provists atoning for their transgressions against the State through service in the Protectorate. Considering how difficult it is to permanently put a Capsuleer down, especially the “independent” ones, that is, whilst not a positive outcome, at least one that is not entirely negative. I say “not entirely negative” because the existence thereof still causes tempers to flare, and people not to enlist.

Whilst her defection certainly showcases to the public that she is not willing to stand for either side of her heritage, as a rule of thumb the Guristas are more into profit than convictions.

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So your saying a politician known for being a nationalist/traditionalist has been discreetly diverting funds away to a secretive paramilitary organization building its own fleet made up of other traditionalist/nationalists?



For the past two centuries our great Federated Union has stood as a beacon of hope in the darkness of a benighted cluster cast asunder by the perfidy of tyrants and the greed of elites desirous only of protecting their own privilege and power at the expense of human dignity.

The Federation remains the only bulwark defending human progress against the long night of ignorance and intolerance to which the rest of the cluster has succumbed. We only keep the walls of the Federation strong with the conviction of our shared beliefs of dignity, freedom, equality, justice, and solidarity not just for ourselves but for all of humanity.

Men and women such as former Senator Tailler and the malefactors of the Gallentia Primacy movement are traitors not only because they have chosen to take up arms against the people of our proud nation or broken their oaths of service but because they have betrayed the very principles upon which the Federation was founded.

While it is true that President Duvailer was a complicated man and the ultranationalist government of which he led is regarded with revulsion today we must not forget that the sentiment that the Caldari State had to be destroyed was the correct one. However what men such as former Senator Tailler forget is that in fighting the enemies of freedom and liberty we must never forgo our in values and principles in doing so. Hatred and intolerance is best left for the barbarities of the Caldari State and its supporters and its apologists and not for the good people of the Federation.

I implore my fellow citizens if they have the suspicion of Gallentia Primacy activity in their local area to report such as soon as possible to their local department of the Special Department of Internal Investigations. The Black Eagles remain the sword and shield of our Federation defending our people and society from those who wish it harm and together with an enlightened populace they will no doubt shine a light in the darkness where the insurrectionists of the Gallentia Primacy dwell and excise the threat they pose to the nation.

Together with great leaders such as President Aguard we shall march inexorably ever forwards towards the manifest destiny of the Federated Union and trample reprobates such as the Gallentia Primacy movement underfoot!

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Ah yea, I’ve seen that holovid.

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