[GalFed] A Statement of Condemnation of the so-called "Gallentia Primacy"

I’m not going to go on system by system audit of what you would classify as defensive operations and what you would not. You and I both know that Caldari operations are decidedly not entirely defensive at this point in time. This is dishonestly at best, and deliberate obfuscation of the reality of our situation at worst. Not a single person here believes either the Federation or the State are acting entire defensively right now.

The Intaki are discriminated against by the very people this movement is looking to empower. People who already hold senior position in the current bureaucracy.

This is nonsense, the Primacy movement is entirely more hawkish than any current administration by orders of magnitude, to imply that there somehow a very little difference between an ultranationalist administration that uses our States very existence as a justification for open warfare, and the current state of affairs. To even imply the risk is the same, to take such a gamble, is pure naivety. Again, why risk the devil we don’t know?

You remain optimistic, yes spurn opportunity to make it so by giving his opponents the ammo they need with silly statements like the time of appeasement being over?

Please accept my apologies for the delay in my reply.

The FIO’s investigation into Senator Tailler’s affairs concluded that whilst he was part of the oversight committee to divert capital funds from the Federal defence budget as well as assets/materiel to the Gallentia Primacy, hence why one of the charges levied against him is for the ‘misappropriation of federal funds’.

Further to this, Primacy starbases have been detected all across the Federation and have been defended by tactical squadrons identifying as Primacy assets. Either they were transferred from the Federal Navy fleet or purchased off the market - nonetheless they do possess an armada which is not insignificant and can contend with the Federal Navy.

Whilst I am certain that the Primacy is not entirely composed of Navy and other Federal Service veterans, the report did suggest that their higher echelons of command are and chances are that their rank and file members have them amongst their number. It is especially disappointing to hear of, but no institution is flawless and the Navy, indeed the Federation, is better off without them in their service.

In respect of your observation that this could potentially cause a civil war, I do not think it is likely. The last time a serious possibility of civil war breaking out in the Federation was post-Hueromont Incident, when numerous member states mobilised their armed forces against the U-NAT Government alongside significant defections in the Federal military to their cause. Of course, you could argue the first stage of the Interstellar War was indeed a civil war, the declaration of an independent Caldari State notwithstanding. Certainly a controversial viewpoint that some of our more vocal contributors on this thread may take umbrage with.

There simply is not enough traction for the Gallentia Primacy to plunge the Federation into a civil war based on co-opting or coercing the member states, districts etcetera into an anti-Federal faction. Many still remember the horrors of the Ultranationalist regime and what it brought to the Federation: Fear, Uncertainty, Misery, Death. Who in their right mind looks upon that era and thinks “we need this again!”.

However, they are not insignificant that they do not have the capability to cause severe harm to the Federation and it’s people. They have already perpetrated several acts of terror against Federal targets, and I fear it is only a matter of time before acts of barbarity are committed against the civilian populace, especially amongst those that are the recipients of their vile rhetoric.

Further details can be found in The Scope report here.

As for what others have stated here, I’ve not sought the approval of the Caldari State nor do I require it’s consent to continue identifying how I wish to, as it is what I am and they are not the sole monopoliser on the Caldari identity, no matter how much they would desire themselves to be. There are over a trillion individuals identifying as “Caldari” or the myriad of sub-categories that are collectively such in the Federation, many of whom descendants of those that remained loyal to the Union and have continued to preserve the customs and traditions of the old world, and flourished since in partnership with our fellow signatories and comrades.

But this thread is not about that. It is about my refusal, and the collective refusal of the Federation, to accept Gallentia Primacy as having any legitimate place in our society. It is to reassure those that identify as I do and others that would be marginalised by their ideology that this is not an imminent return to the dark days of the Ultranationalist regime, as the Primacy would desire it. They are the people that I care about, not the Caldari State loyalists that have made themselves known in this thread.

It truly is fantastic that for those Staters that proclaim that all they wish to be is ‘left alone’, they have an addiction to interfere in the affairs of those that they sought perpetual independence from. It is reflected not only in the attempt to make this thread about them, rather than the intended audience of this declaration, but in their actions elsewhere and outside of this forum which not only present their hatred for us but also their need for an external enemy to distract from the problems that they categorically refuse to address at home earnestly.

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Oh, I’m not sure that’s the case at all, Mr. Adams. I think what they lack is the craftiness, not the traction. If I were them, I’d be manipulating the Federal Minmatar disapora, and stoking the fears among the Intaki, all through cutouts and middle-men, and when those tensions rise, start looking at ways to create a ‘dissolution coalition’ that advances dissolving the Union completely.

After all, the power of the core Gallente economics and manufacturing would make re-subjugating the minority rump states child’s play.

But beyond that… you’re being a bit disingenuous, aren’t you?

You mean the ones who couldn’t escape because of the starvation blockade, right? Not exactly a choice there.

Have they? I mean, as the population of one of the original two worlds the Federal Union is descended from, I’d think ‘flourishing’ would involve, you know… being accounted a significant part of that Union, with their own disapora through Federal space proceeding at the same pace as that of the ‘Gallente’. Has it? Is there anything even close to parity between the numbers of Gallente and Raata Caldari in positions of influence in the Federation? Or positions of major economic advantage?

Given it’s position as straddling both nations, you’d think if the Raata Caldari were truly ‘flourishing’, they’d be excellent candidates for the public face of Quafe… are they?

They’re not seeking to interfere in the affairs of those they sought perpetual independence from at all. None of them have mentioned trying to go in and meddle in the Federal prosecution of a criminally-indicted Senator. They’re only seeking to interfere in your affairs, and well… you left them.

I mean, not for nothing, but if the Federation wants to not be at war with the State, maybe you guys shouldn’t have signed a mutual treaty saying ‘we’ll be at war and it’s totally cool for the State to attack these systems’?

I’ll note, the State aren’t the ones who unilaterally decided to alter the terms of the Treaty more than a decade into it, without the slightest bit of negotiation or even consent. If they were really the obsessed war-mongering maniacs, hell-bent on every possible avenue of attack on the Federation, that you claim they are… they’d have taken that, and the ‘using EDENCOM for espionage’ twin scandals and pushed for serious penalties through CONCORD.

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Of course.

Well, that’s at least somewhat concerning. I would categorise a fleet of warships operating in Gallente space without Federal sanction as A Problem.

The Serpentis Corporation started out as a pharmaceuticals concern, that disagreed with aspects of Federal policy.

This “Primacy” lot, right now, might be a whole lot of nothing, but they have potential to become a tool inserted into any crack in society to lever it apart, like a pry-bar. All it takes is some hostile actor (such as Sarpati) to decide this potential is worth exploiting.

The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. Stay watchful, Edward.

When someone as despicable and amoral as a traitor himself condemns some silly U-nats, does it make them “good guys”? Well, at least in comparison…

In either way, when the two sides of the evil begin squabbles and infighting, that’s good for the whole cluster.

Oh, and obligatory: condemnation is a weapon of impotent ones.

In the State we solve these issues differently. We just run freedom fanatics down, would that be these mantellites, or whomever else degrades themselves with purpose of fighting for such amoral ideal as freedom.

No condemnations, no cries of impotent rage. Just imprisonment or physical liquidation.

Sometimes Strike Commander, I wonder when that tongue of yours will get you into trouble with the things you say and how you say them, and other times I wonder if its that same tongue that keeps you out of it.

Why? Do you believe for some reason I said something wrong or incorrect?

The state doesnt have enough catgirls, the federation still wins.

That the methodology is not quite what you imply it to be. That, and You still continually conflate the Gallentean concept of ‘Freedom/Personal Liberty’ with the Caldari concept of ‘Freedom/Uncheck Chaos’, despite the translations being varied and significant. You focus in too narrowly, without care to see beyond that.

I’d wager you’d even consider the Neopian concept of 'Freedom/Unbound/Without Limit/With Hold Of Others/In Mastery Of Self’ in the same way

Well, “serving yourself” indeed is a disgusting, I’d even say it’s a characteristic of the “pure evil”, though it is already off-topic.

My position was to expose those degraded freedom fanatics and cultists who are deprived to degree to murder people for the sake of that inhuman idea, like that traitor.

But if you wish to discuss the whole concept of the freedom, we could move the discussion elsewhere.

How he handles his cultural heritage is but one facet of that equation. The other is what he has done for Caldari society recently. It is entirely reasonable for other Caldari to not view him as a fellow citizen when he aspires to be a stick between the spokes of the wheel.

That is for the CEO of the Mega he used to be a part of to decide, not people on a Galnet forum.

We have always been a more community-oriented people, rather than an individualistic one. For us, the collective is more important than the individual. An individual who does not make an active contribution can be tolerated. One who acts against the whole can not.

That is where you are mistaken. The State, and the Megacorporations that constitute it, are the means by which our people are organized. Without the existence of an organized polity to safeguarding the interests of our people, there would not have been anything left of our culture once the U-Nats were done. The continuation of our culture depends on the State as much as the State depends on us.

Those who do not contribute to the present and future prosperity and security of our culture should not consider themselves in a position to lay a similar claim to it as those who do. That would not be very meritocratic.

Then he would be flying alongside me, not shooting at me.

You’ll find that most of us are perfectly capable of accepting that. The reason why we reject it instead of accepting it is, again, that if you want to be taken seriously in a collectivist culture where one’s standing is determined by one’s merit, one has to actually contribute something.

We found integration rather objectionable last time around. If we wanted to try it a second time, we probably wouldn’t have maintained a military and economic arms race since the peace treaty was signed.

The notion that you would have any right to tell us what we are solely because a few people did not make it to the evacuation flights, is rather grating. The main difference we perceive between them and us is that they don’t pull their weight, nor are they a part of the overlapping organizational structure that would allow them to pull their weight. If there are any cultural differences between them and us, it is worth pointing out that those differences would not exist if they had not lived separate from the rest of us under hostile occupation for over a century. That means those differences are a direct result of the homeworld being invaded and them subsequently being cut off from us. One might also discern different patterns of behaviour when observing animals in captivity, as compared to animals in the wild, but that doesn’t mean that the fractional population that exists in zoos is representative of the wider species.

Hostilities from outsiders can be resolved in the same way they have always been. People claiming to be the same as us without contributing to the “us” is an entirely separate matter, and that sort of madness must be opposed where it is found.

We are able to discern that Gallentia Primacy is bad news without that, mind you.

I am uncertain what trade opportunity you appear to have identified, but it should be pointed out that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” does not always hold true. Sometimes the enemy of the new U-Nats is simply a part of the same federal entity that prosecuted a war against us for a century after the old U-Nats had been disposed of.

We have taken care of our Dragonaur and Provist problems without outside help. If the Federation is remotely what it claims to be, it can take care of it’s new U-Nat problem without outside help. I certainly see no benefit to meddling in the affairs of others.

Somehow, I do not anticipate that the enemies flying around outside of this station would just stop being enemies just because someone had a good idea about jolly co-operation. That is also a decision that would have to come from the top.

If the incumbent status quo wanted or needed our help with the matter, then they would ask. Until then, our responsibility is taking care of our own people and territory.

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I’m not telling you what you are. I’m telling you what you’re not: exclusive claimants to a ‘Caldari culture’.

You mean if you had not lived separate from them. You left. You separated. They didn’t.

Nor have I claimed that their behavior is representative of State Caldari. However, once again it’s worth pointing out that the group with the altered behavior patterns here, again, is you.

So Adams, how goes your fight against your fellow Gallente? You were so good at killing them before, I assume this would feel like putting on an old pair of gloves. Just don’t be too good at it, your new friends might start questioning your loyalty…

Excuse me, but those who would believe in loyalty of a well known traitor, probably have their implants short-circuited to cause such a massive brain damage.

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No, we won’t. The Federation has a thing for the execution of terrorists and war criminals. We also hold a majority stock share of sabre rattling, so whinging on GalNet falls mostly on deaf ears.

You’re excused. Pod yourself.


Oh, yeah, you guys love it so much that you never seem to run out! Whenever FIO prisons are getting a little low, it just so happens that a new terrorist cell is found, or another State insurgency is discovered, or a corporation was outed as a front for the super scary Serpentis. Funny how so many guilty people, for some strange reason, happen to be politically inconvenient to whatever president and party has the reigns of power.

You’re right though, I should never have doubted Mr. Adams. I’m sure his willingness to execute seemingly anyone, Caldari or Gallente or whoever, will prove of great use to the Aguard administration. Maybe when the war really kicks off, Madam President will allow him to nuke a couple State cities from orbit, just for old-time’s sake.

It is funny. It’s hilarious. It’s almost as if large government entities are prone to occasionally utilizing their power to bypass laws and constitutions to further their own goals. You’ve done it! You’ve cracked the code! Corruption exists, and this proves it! I’m so, so, so impressed!

(Translator’s note: why are you doing this?)

I don’t know what sort of soapbox you’re on, or think that you’re on, but I hope that there’s tissues nearby to dab away all the fat salty tears running down your face. Then again, if your victim complex makes you cry, I can see why you’ve been doing it this entire thread.

(Translator’s note: shhh.)

But for real.

NADSC does not and will never support a government that actively encourages and partakes in social, cultural, and ethnic genocides. If, by some means of horrible malpractice, the Gallentia Primacy weasels its way into any area of significant sway (moreso than currently, of course), we will not stand by and allow citizens to be butchered because Pierre McCrystalboulevard is mad that someone’s from another planet.


Imagine being a Gallente and basing your entire opinion of someone on what orbiting ball of rock someone’s ancestor exited their mother’s birth canal on.

I await the inevitable scandal where it turns out that a leading member of Gallentia Primacy turns out to have been born in Mies or Oursulaert, rather than on Gallente Prime.


No need to get so testy, I was simply asking how the campaign against them was going. I mean, you are running operations against them, aren’t you? Why else would he go to the bother of raising this big stink about them if he wasn’t willing to put in the work to deal with them in the first place? My innocent little question about the efficacy of your dedication to stand against this threat was nothing more than that, I assure you. Any ulterior motives you may think I have exist solely in your overactive imagination.

I just wanna know how many you’ve killed. Is it getting out of hand? Should we Caldari be worried about our lives and security in Gallente space? Well, any more than we already do, I mean. Are you able to contain them? Have you even tried?

Here, here. I strongly endorse this statement.