[GalFed] A Statement of Condemnation of the so-called "Gallentia Primacy"

By that logic, we also know how much Edward feels the need to display his love for his newly chosen nation, as well as his exceeding moral character, so the entire thread is superfluous; it’s main virtue is then the (clearly still badly needed) opportunity to disabuse certain people of some utterly wrongheaded notions.

Make you a deal: get people to stop these harebrained takes, I won’t have to respond to them, peace and quiet all around.

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Its virtue is inviting a discussion of Gallentia Primacy.

That is a current matter and (other than in this report, which is not open for discussion) is not a topic which has been raised in this forum.

An ultranationalist resurgence in the Federation is an important matter, one I would expect State citizens to be concerned about rather than flippant.

EDIT: Gallentia Primacy, not Gallentia Supremacy, my mistake.

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It is rather interesting to see my fellow citizen take more umbrage with a single capsuleer’s claim of citizenry than a rising tide ultranationalist in the Federation.

Only one of those things actually effects our State on a tangible and assuredly negative way.


I expect Ms. Ambre chose the term paramilitary force in her report because her FIO source wouldn’t elaborate on which “military assets” were misappropriated. If Federal Government facilities have been targeted, that probably increases the likelihood of at least some extra-orbital transport capability.

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The Fed is already prepping for war. The president is warmongering constantly. They’ve violated treaties that they signed, specifically concerning Intaki and that constellation. They’re retooling their industrial base, I’m imagining to free up people to fight a war. We’ve been dealing with increased Federal aggression for a while now. An ultranationalist group showing up with growing support isn’t news to us, it’s expected at this point.

Yeah, I hope the Federal citizens deal with these ultranationalists. I’m hoping they deal with their president as well. Not gonna put money on that happening though.


Yeah. The cracks from shear stress between the real-world actions and the internal lies of Gallente politics becoming too big to paper over might be distressing to people living on the inside, but it’s not even news to the rest of us.


Ultimately, it happens to all expansionist powers. After all, that’s why the Khanid Kingdom exists, and why, despite the Kingdom coming back into the fold when Khanid II saw an opportunity, there will be future schisms in the Empire.

Ah yes, the pressing threat of war is old news, but the materially just as old news of an expatriation isn’t.

Such an interesting and tangibly useful consumption of our time.

It’s good to see there is still no short supply of high horses around here.

Literally all you’ve done in this thread is complain about the behaviour of other posters. If you’ve got one of these tangibly useful contributions to make, do so.

Because its embarrassing.

This thread could have provided useful information into not only the Gallente Primacy from the lens of the federation, but also a pilot in exile. It could have provided useful information on the potential position of his employer [NADSC] and a potential opportunity to supply and trade with a potential allies working against someone who does not have the States interest in mind.

Instead, by you and other this thread was turned into a creche-yard game of No-True-Civire to literally zero benefit except possibly your own ego or some strange desperate need to prove how Caldari you are by hoisting the podium away from others.

Its self-serving in the worst possible way, as our State gains nothing from it.

That is why is I’ve spoken up.


Is it in the State’s short or long term interests, for the Federation to split in a civil war ?

Is this a joke or optimistic ignorance?

Setting aside the fact that this thread served little more purpose rather than Adams grandstanding about his discarded heritage and the false virtues of his Federal masters, to suggest supplying and trading in such a situation is simply laughable.

Personally, I think both Feds and their U-Nat insurgents are enemies to be neutralized on sight, but if you had to support one of those two factions, well, only one of them is attacking the State and taking the lives of Caldari daily.

The Gallentia Primacy is a disgusting blight upon the Cluster- it is also one wholy contained within the borders of a belligerent Federation that has critically destabilized interstellar order time and time again, staffed and led by war criminals. As far as I am concerned, this is a mess they created, they suffer from and, ultimately, they must resolve. If the U-Nats dare cross the border, they will meet the same fate as their less honest kin.


Which effects the State in quite literally zero tangible way other than to show its citizens are too easily goaded.

You talk about optimistic ignorance with one breath, and then recommend we empower an actors who’s entire platform revolves around more hatred for our people? You either have the political shrewdness of a sledgehammer, or you are truly, deeply, naïve. Always choose the devil you know.

For now, which as Pilot Adams has pointed out, they are attempting to remedy.

But none of that, quite literally none of that retracts from the fact that what could have been a useful opportunity to glean from Federation’s internal thermometer, has instead devolved into a name calling game to zero benefit.

I recommend we do not lend aid to bloodthirsty savages aiming to genocide our people at all.

But between the much more numerous, powerful savages attacking us right now and the relatively tiny, insurgent savages that historically fail miserably at controlling their territories and a competent military? Only one of those options benefits the State strategically.

Those “insurgent savages” are an organized politically driven movement that could co-opt the entire might of the so-called powerful savages you are already concerned about, with a significantly more bloodthirsty bent.

More so, by recommending action against the Fed which has entities actually amenable to peaceful relations, we simultaneously weaken the only faction in a meaningful position to put down the “insurgency” but also play quite literally into their populist perception politics of our unnecessary aggression.

You don’t seem to understand how the Federation works, you see civil war when a ballot box might very well turn the tides for them. This is the naivety I was referring to.

For the last time, I do not advocate for any assistance to be given to either. I have been pretty explicit about this.

Seems like you are quite the expert, then. Maybe you could go tutor the people of Intaki Prime and the newly branded “Viriette Special Military District.” on how the Federation works and how the ballot box counts for anything.


It’s consistently entertaining to hear someone from the Caldari State convey their apprehensions regarding the absence of democratic values within the Federation.


You advocate maintaining the status quo, which would mean continue operations against the Federation during a period of time when a rising political movement is using such operations to gain political momentum. A movement which very specifically espouses great violence against our State. Is this not the correct understanding of your position?

Which would be an excellent point were this movement not gaining traction on Gallente homeworlds or amongst senior members of their administrations.

That was a poor attempt at deflection and I’m not sure why you bothered.

One would think they would be worrying about “unsanctioned illegal unions” rather than bickering over a gallente internal matters. The most dangerous thing to the caldari is their own people having a voice.


Defensive operations against an invading nation? Yes, why, do you have an alternative?

The Gallentia Primacy, in case the name did not give it away, are a spiritual successor of the Guardians of Gallentia, an ethnic Gallente supremacist organization that has been around since before the State has.

The Intaki are subject to just the same discrimination by their ideology.

The reason I brought Viriette up at all was in response to your suggestion that an appeasement towards their less hawkish elements is in any way viable. The Federal government disregards local democratically elected governments at the will of its warmongering administration, and with the recent passing of the Unified Response Act, the power given to the Federal government over its members only grows.

“Democracy” and “liberty” have always been little more than window dressing for what is ultimately just an imperialist nation seeking to subvert and subjugate all, intially through so called “soft power”, or, when that fails, military invasion.

The time of appeasement is over. The Aguard administration has demonstrated numerous times that this is not an option. I remain optimistic that Aguard’s successor and their cabinet might be more reasonable, but I would not hold my breath.