Galloglas Corporation Recruiting

I’ve recently returned to the game with a few friends who are starting as new players.

With this in mind, I figured I would open up my Corps to any new and intermediate players who might be looking for a place to call home and learn the different parts of the game.

The advantage to starting our with players of similar skills, is that you are able to grow together and learn the game at a pace that makes sense.

I first created my characters back in 2006 and have come and go like most other players over the years. The new changes have taken a bit of an adjustment, but I’m really enjoying the new content and future of what EVE might become.

I was a Corporation and Alliance leader from long ago with a null space holding Alliance. I understand a lot about the game, and have taken interest in almost all the game provided over the 13 years. I am still re-learning the game and am willing to take my experiences and help out any new players clear their way.

If you’re interested in chatting, just get hold of me in-game.

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