Game Launcher Issue

I took a screen shot but its unlocatable

Basically I try to load game launcher and it starts to connect

After a while it says unable to conect to server

in a small box

its been like it since i instaled on my new laptop

is it settings that need altering or something

Iv’e tried clearing cache and re-instaling game client a number of times but nothing works

screen goes black as it should and box pops up, saying connecting to server

After a while text in box says could not establish connection odds are you couldnt establish a connection or the port address was wrong, it dose not make sense.

You can paste an image in your clipboard directly into the forum; it uploads automatically. No need to save it to a file and manually upload it.

i am having same issue 3 accounts all failing to load last message on loglite is failed to get a valid ballpark after 30 times

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