Help! - launcher borked

(Joe Monso) #1

Socket closed, cant log back in…

checked account page, seems fine, now cant check and forums crashing for me back and forth.

Now this is a screenshot of my all text launcher…

(voetius) #2

Server wide problems do happen from time to time so if you are in doubt as to whether there is a problem with your ISP or it’s a more general problem I would always check here first:

which says :

Tranquility; ok (17,441 players)
Current vs. 30 min avg: +0.8% | 103 new pilots created in the last hour

(Joe Monso) #3

Weird, i can log into test server but Not the main server

(Keno Skir) #4

You back in now?

(Joe Monso) #5

No i got very very weird issues now

I click launcher after reinstalling eve and got this instead o launcher now

(Cean) #6

Login is acting up. 50% of the time even launcher will not start.
When it starts it has forgotten my other account. Which I can’t add back.
Usually it says cannot connect to login server. At start it had also lots of red error messages at right side of launcher.
IF it lets me press launch, 95% of the time client will not even start. Twice it launched but kicked me out.

Everything else I try to use/do on teh internets works. Also your account management.

EDIT: it did work few hours ago… went to gym etc and now its NOPE!

(Joe Monso) #7

help please going nutty

(Vance Vulkan) #8

Pretty sure TQ is down

CCP’s current batch of hamsters have breathed their last.

(Joe Monso) #9

yeah but check the picture my launcher is in full text format

(Vance Vulkan) #10

Oh yea I completely missed that. It’s probs still related to the server being down tho.

(Joe Monso) #11

i tried switching setting in laiuncher now it keeps crashing… and i cant get in it to fix settings i altered

(Joe Monso) #12

got it opened but now a white screen lol something bout failed to upload GUI?

(system) #13

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