Game Randomly Crashes, No Errors, Dump Files inside

I was running a site with myself and my alt when both clients crashed, restarted the game and tried to go again, both clients crashed again. No errors, The Dumpfiles say they were uploaded but I am unsure what I should do to try and fix the issue as I am unable to play if I do not know when/if I will randomly crash.

That is the folder with all of the crash dumps in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

When you will have data from diagnostic tool after crash, send a bug report with file from it.
If you are stuck consider also writing support ticket so GM will help you get back into game.

Since I can’t “decrypt” dump files I have no way to say what actually cause crashes.

Added Dxdiag to the folder, Wont be able to run the LogLite until tonight. However when I did have it running when the game crashed yesterday I saw nothing of value. Will get one later this evening and upload it.

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