1. Why are friendly miliz in fw are able to shot friendly miliz?
  2. The scamming tool in game to sell items for lottery tickets - if the owner buy 50% of tickets and winrate to get back the item to owner and catching up the isk of all bidder? Or I missunderstood?
  3. Why a Char with -10 is able to fly in hs and gank all time without having the real fear to get directly ganked by concord . He should go to nullsec. and stay there to get a better standing to go back to hs! by reason. Seriously! That kind of multiboxing … this is elite ? cowardly.

I´m just impressed about coming back after 5 years break and understand that all what you can do is make friendship to get bigger fleets or you lost a lot of time and make slow isk in highsec what anyone else can shot with multiboxing lowskilled gankstar fleet´s up because he can . There is no reason why he should´not. And that is not friendly to newplayers or comeback players , whatever. In 2 weeks I think I wasted time .

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