Gaming PC That Can Handle All CCP Games

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Gaming PC That Can Handle All CCP Games

I Am Looking For A Good Gaming Pc That Can Handle All CCP Games
What Is A Future Proof PC

My Budget is 2000 to 2500 USD or 10000 to 25000 NKR or 100000 to 300000 ISK

i am looking at for ideas, and anyone from Scandinavia pleas help

Thank You EVE Online Capsuleers o7

(Rexxar Santaro) #2

I’ll point you to one of the top PC-store – ORIGIN. Look at different hardware modes, which many of components are available at your local
Many PC configurations will run CCP games. The idea is to build a PC which will serve for years, supporting future improvements to VR and 4k resolution. Sadly, currently aren’t good monitors (even if talking about those 29-30 inch) for 4k ‘content’.

Optimal VR requirements:
Your budget PC example: ORIGIN PC BATTLEBOX:
Average set calculator $2500:

(Alastair Ormand) #3

Here’s a good PC. If you can build it yourself. $1400 USD

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